• Custom Photo Wallpaper Murals as Seen on Cityline
    Can you turn a photo into a mural?  Yes! Watch our YouTube tutorial below to see how you can make custom photo wallpaper murals like we did for celebrity designer, Jackie Glass, on an episode of Cityline! Watch: How to Make a Photo Mural … Read more
  • Halloween Wallpaper for Cityline
    Creating and hanging this Halloween Wallpaper for Cityline was slightly traumatic, but if you’re looking for frightening walls, you’re going to love these 10 Halloween wall murals!  Watch 2 spooky wallpaper on this episode and then learn how you can make your own custom … Read more
  • 10 Dark Cityscape Wallpaper Ideas
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  • White Plank Wallpaper on Cityline
    On this episode of Cityline, celebrity designer Brian Gluckstein shows you how to create a modern farmhouse look using our white plank wallpaper along with Gluckstein Home furniture and decor. Watch Cityline “Believe it or not, this is a wallpaper behind us to look … Read more
  • Abstract Mural Painted on Cityline
    Celebrity designer, Christian Dare, is tasked with refreshing the Cityline studios for spring.  To brighten the television set, he invites muralist Adrienne to paint an abstract mural on the walls. Watch Cityline “Often in decorating, paint is the easiest way to do the biggest … Read more
  • Removable Wallpaper
    When looking for the best removable wallpaper, most people think of peel of stick wallpaper.  It makes sense – it’s easy to pull off the wall and leaves no damage.  But did you know there is another type of temporary wallpaper available?  This latest … Read more
  • Gothic Castle Wallpaper on Cityline
    This Gothic castle wallpaper adds a dark vibe to a TV set for the “Real Halloween Housewives of Cityline” episode.  Watch the full episode below to see how celebrity designer, Christian Dare, styles this Halloween backdrop. Watch Cityline For more Wallpaper Ideas, remember to Subscribe … Read more
  • Closet Wallpaper in Cityline Studio
    Adding closet wallpaper to your home, like this industrial brick wallpaper I installed in the Cityline studio refresh (or any of the other designs available in my shop) adds big impact to small spaces! Keep scrolling to watch the grand reveal of Cityline’s new … Read more
  • Wallpaper Installer for Oakville Designer, Jackie Glass, on Cityline
    As a wallpaper installer in Oakville and the surrounding Toronto area, celebrity designer Jackie Glass called on me for her latest Cityline project.  Watch how she transforms a tiny condo apartment into a space that looks totally custom with removable wallpaper and other renter-friendly … Read more
  • Creating Your Own Wallpaper Like Nike on Cityline
    Creating your own wallpaper, like celebrity designer Nike Onile does for this episode of Cityline, is a breeze!  Watch the episode to learn how to design a bedroom sanctuary using wall murals, and then keep scrolling to learn how to make your own custom … Read more
  • Misty Mountain Wallpaper on Cityline
    Dreamy.  Beautiful.  Sanctuary.  These are just a few words used to describe this custom created Misty Mountain Wallpaper for an episode of Cityline.  Celebrity designer, Nike Onile, creates this bedroom makeover virtually, using my custom mural, for a very deserving essential worker and mom-to-be … Read more
  • Faux Wood Wallpaper on Cityline
    Faux wood wallpaper creates rustic feeling walls and celebrity designer, Sharon Grech, shares how to get the look on this episode of Cityline.  Removable wood wallpaper is perfect for condo dwellers or anyone who doesn’t want to permanently install shiplap wood. Watch Faux Wood … Read more
  • Farmhouse Wallpaper as seen on Cityline
    This farmhouse wallpaper adds a soft, subtle feel that’s still comfy and cozy.  Watch how celebrity designers, Colin and Justin, use it to decorate a farmhouse living room on an episode of Cityline.  Then learn how you can create this look, inspired by Shaker … Read more
  • How to Make Custom Wall Murals like Cityline
    I create a lot of custom wall murals for Cityline and this mural of stairs is no exception.  For so many decorating devotees, it’s especially important to create a unique wallpaper that no one else has.  Something you can’t get from the big box … Read more
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  • Aspen Tree Wallpaper: Room Ideas from Customers
    This Aspen tree wallpaper adds a natural feeling to your room with its gloriously golden leaves set against white majestic trunks.  You’ll almost hear the trees gently quaking in the cool mountain breeze, but it warms your walls with its autumn amber foliage. Watch … Read more
  • Removable Brick Wallpaper on Cityline
    I worked with Cityline to hang my removable brick wallpaper on their mini wall for several celebrity designers to use.  Watch my grey brick wallpaper on three separate episodes to see how the experts decorate it and get the look for your own walls! … Read more
  • Gray Brick Wallpaper on Cityline
    Celebrity designer, Brian Gluckstein, features my gray brick wallpaper on this episode of Cityline.  He uses mix match interior design as inspiration to create an elevated look.  See the episode and learn how you can get this look in your home, too! Watch Gray … Read more
  • Party Room Wallpaper on Cityline
    If you’re looking for a bright and colourful party room wallpaper, both my balloon and confetti designs are fun designs.  Cityline TV use them as backdrops for their Giveaway Swag Bag episodes, but they’re perfect for kids birthday party places, store window displays or … Read more
  • Meditation Room Wallpaper on Cityline
    As an avid meditator, I have a huge appreciation for the Cityline set that celebrity designer, Leigh-Ann Allaire Perrault, created which includes my meditation room wallpaper. Keep scrolling to watch the episode, learn how to hang this wallpaper and to see photos of the … Read more