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Painted Wall Murals

Hey!  I’m Adrienne.  I create painted wall murals, from Toronto to Niagara Falls, using non-toxic, low VOC paint that is safe for your family.

I’ve been painting murals since 2005 and have even created one for Mike Holmes!  I’ve worked with other interior designer celebs like Colin & Justin, Brian Gluckstein, Tracy Moore and have been featured in the Toronto Sun and Cityline.

My fave thing to paint are kids wall murals.  It melts my heart to hear parents tell me they “pet the animals in their mural every night before bed” or “they couldn’t wait to get their friends over to see their new team logo mural.”

See all the painted wall murals I’ve created below.  Prices start at $400.  Get in touch for a free consultation!

If you’re not in Southern Ontario, you might be interested in my wallpaper murals that ship for free within North America.

Kids Murals

Mural painter Adrienne Scanlan sits next to a kids wall mural she painted featuring the Hulk, Captain America, Batman, Superman, Spiderman, Thor and Captain America

Superhero Mural

A kids wall mural featuring the superheros Batman and Spiderman

Batman & Spiderman Mural

Mural painter Adrienne Scanlan stands next to the Paw Patrol mural she painted

Paw Patrol Mural

Hand-painted leaves on a ceiling by mural painter Adrienne Scanlan

Tree House Mural

Mural painter Adrienne Scanlan stands beside a kids wall mural featuring flowers painted in gold on a pink wall

Pink & Gold Flowers Mural

Mural painter Adrienne Scanlan stands under balloons she painted with her daughter

Balloon Mural