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Even though this lighthouse mural was painted in Port Dover, Ontario, I also sell wallpaper murals that ship for FREE in Canada and the USA.  They are so easy to hang and totally removable when you’re ready to redecorate.

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Photos of the Lighthouse Mural

Are you thinking of adding a lighthouse mural to your space?  Here are some photos of a mural I painted to give you some ideas.

A lighthouse mural painted on a shed by Adrienne of

Debbie loved visiting Port Dover when she was a kid.  The lighthouse always reminded her of fun childhood memories.

After retiring, she moved 5 minutes away from the Port Dover beach.  She wanted the lighthouse closer, so planned for a lighthouse mural on a shed in her backyard.

A lighthouse mural painted by Adrienne of

I painted this mural using non-fading (UV protective) outdoor latex paint.  I only use non-toxic acrylic or no-VOC latex paint so it’s safe for your family to breathe the air when I’m done, which is especially important for indoor projects.

My wallpaper murals are eco-friendly, too.

The doors to the shed were already painted white before I came, so I added the blue and grey background before painting the mural.  If you’re not the DIY type, I do offer latex painting services.

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I’ve been painting murals, from Toronto to Niagara Falls, since 2005.  I’ve even painted one for a Mike Holmes TV show!

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