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This mural is the perfect hideaway for kids. Painted in Burlington, this playhouse is a fun way to use a nook under the stairs and even has a mini garden!

The inspiration

Heather had a mural when she was a kid.  It was a fort painted around a little nook under the stairs.  She spent hours playing in the playhouse, daydreaming away.

Imagine her delight when she found a little nook in her new house, just ready to be painted for her kids!

We both scoured the internet for wall murals that looked like hers, and by using several murals as inspiration, I was ready to paint.

The mural

In this wall mural, I painted a brown Hansel and Gretel inspired cottage, complete with thatched roof.

The little window has a planter box full of petunia’s and there is a small flower garden behind a brown picket fence.

All painted wall murals are:

  • Free-hand drawn
  • Painted with non-toxic paint so it’s safe for your children to play in
  • Created by a muralist with over 12 years’ experience so you can relax knowing you’re working with a professional
  • Designed uniquely for you and your home (or business) giving you a custom piece of artwork

Pricing for wall murals

Wall murals from $350.  This mural starting from $1000.

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