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Eco Friendly Wall Murals

I love these wall murals, not only for their fab designs, but because of how “green” they are.  They’re safe for your family and for the environment!

All of my pre-pasted wallpaper murals are:

    • Safe to hang in any room…even a baby’s nursery…because there are no VOCs or dangerous chemicals in the toner (aka no stinky odour…go ahead and smell em!).  These wall murals are compliant with the US and EU black-list US-C-070928PROPIC-65 and EU Standard EN71-3 for heavy metals.
    • Safe for your kids because these murals are CPSIA compliant which looks at things like lead, phthalates, durable infant or toddler products and making sure all children’s products comply with all safety rules.
    • Reusable so you can take your mural with you if you move or gift it to a friend if you get tired of the design.  Good for the environment and great for your wallet!
    • Printed on FSC certified paper so you know it’ll keep our forests healthy
    • Fully deinkable (AKA the wallpaper mural is 100% recyclable), keeping the planet healthy for our kids (and grandkids!)
    • Printed by toner that is 100% made with green energy, so you can rest easy knowing you’re making less of a carbon footprint when you buy this wall mural


Eco Friendly Biz

As a mama, I’m always trying to find ways to make the earth better for my daughter to grow up in (and hopefully…maybe…grandkids one day!).

I’ve been lucky enough to build my own mural business giving me the freedom to make “green” choices a priority each and every day.

Things like:

    • running a paperless office to save trees
    • using non-toxic paints for my art to save our waterways
    • running my store online (from home) rather than a physical storefront so I’m not leaving a carbon footprint with a daily commute


I’m excited to offer you these drop dead gorgeous wall murals that are also safe for the environment.