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Add a logo or create a custom size from any in-stock wallpaper or turn an image or your unique artwork into custom wallpaper. Click on the Description tab below for full instructions.

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How do I make my own custom wallpaper?

Measure your wall and order the wallpaper size you need above.  Once you place your order, I’ll be in touch to get your artwork which will be printed onto the removable wallpaper.

What kind of artwork can I use to make my custom wallpaper?

An image online

Find a high quality image you like on and email it to me.  I’ll have it printed onto removable wallpaper.  Use the filter to refine your search and make sure the image you choose is:

  • The right orientation, usually Horizontal or Panoramic Horizontal for wide walls and Vertical or Panoramic Vertical for narrow, tall walls.
  • A high quality image of XXL.  It’s best to find images of at least 20MB – that’s 6000 pixels by 4000 pixels.  Anything less may print out blurry.
  • Very textured so it hides the wallpaper seams.  For example, landscapes with lots of clouds or waves in water print out better than clear skies and glassy water.

Feel free to email me a link to the graphic you like before you purchase it from iStock and I’ll let you know if the quality is suitable.

Your original piece of art

Send me your original artwork to be scanned in with a high resolution scanner and printed onto removable wallpaper.

Add a logo or resize any in-stock wallpaper mural from this website

Send me your business logo, favourite quote or child’s name and I can place it on top of any in-stock wallpaper mural on this website.  You can also resize almost any in-stock wallpaper from this website.

What does your price include?

The price includes basic set-up of your artwork, the wallpaper itself and shipping within Canada and the Contiguous USA.  Basic set-up includes things like formatting your image into the proper size, adding words or a logo over an existing wallpaper or scanning your original piece of art.

Any intensive graphic design work costs extra.

You’re responsible for the cost of purchasing any image from iStock and/or the cost of shipping your original piece of art to the printing shop.

How do I get my artwork to you?

Once I receive your order for your custom wallpaper, I’ll be in touch so you can email me the image you purchased from iStock or I’ll send you the mailing address for your piece of artwork.  Please don’t mail anything until we touch base.

Have questions?

Get in touch and I’ll talk you through the process.

Watch one of my custom wallpaper murals on an episode of Cityline

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  1. How Do You Hang This Wallpaper?
  2. How Do You Hang Around Plugs, Doors, Corners, etc.?
  3. Do You Offer Installation Services?
  4. How Do Sizes Work?
  5. I Don’t See My Size. What Do I Do?
  6. Is This Wallpaper Removable?
  7. Is This Wallpaper Eco-Friendly?
  8. How Much is Shipping?
  9. How Long Will It Take to Receive My Order?
  10. What Is The Return Policy?
  11. Is This Wallpaper Washable?
  12. Is This Wallpaper Fire Rated?
  13. What Is The Finish of This Wallpaper?

How Do You Hang This Wallpaper?

This easy to hang wallpaper goes up in just a couple of hours. Watch video tutorial now >>

How Do You Hang Around Plugs, Doors, Corners, etc.?

View the DIY Videos section of the website. Read More >>

Do You Offer Installation Services?

Yes, I install wallpaper in the Greater Hamilton / Toronto areas of Ontario. For those outside of this area, check out the Wallcovering Installers Association to find a pro. Book Your Installation >>

How Do Sizes Work?

Simply choose the size that most closely matches your wall size. Read more >>

I Don’t See My Size. What Do I Do?

You can trim the wallpaper to fit the wall or center it on the wall. Alternately, most wallpaper can be ordered in a custom size. Read more >>

Is This Wallpaper Removable?

Yes, this wallpaper is removable. Watch video tutorial now >>

Is This Wallpaper Eco-Friendly?

Yes, this wallpaper is eco-friendly and non-toxic.

How Much Is Shipping

Shipping is free in Canada and the Contiguous United States. Read more >>

How Long Will It Take To Receive My Order?

Most orders usually arrive within 2-6 business days, depending on where you’re located. Read more >>

What Is The Return Policy?

You can return your wallpaper for a full refund. Read the full Return Policy >>

Is This Wallpaper Washable?

Yes, you can wipe this wallpaper down with a damp cloth.

Is This Wallpaper Fire Rated?

Yes, this wallpaper is Grade A Fire Rated.

What Is The Finish of This Wallpaper?

This wallpaper has a smooth, matte finish with no feeling of texture.

1 review for Custom Wallpaper

  1. Brittany (verified owner)

    Adrienne worked with me to capture exactly what we wanted for our son’s room. Highly recommend!

    • Adrienne Scanlan (verified owner)

      Your son’s bedroom looks so awesome – thanks for emailing the photo! It was fun working with you on this project and you did a great job hanging the custom wallpaper!

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