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Celebrity designer, Brian Gluckstein, featured my gray brick wallpaper on this episode of Cityline as a way to mix and match different materials to create an elevated look.  Watch the episode and see how you can get this look in your home too!

Watch the Brick Wallpaper on Cityline

Watch Brian Gluckstein and Tracy Moore talk about the texture and reusability of my faux brick wallpaper around 4:12.

No Repeat Pattern in Gray Brick Wallpaper

A gray brick wallpaper sold by

Since my faux brick wallpaper is made from a high resolution photo of a real brick wall, you’ll never see a repeating pattern like in other wallpaper.  This tricks your eye into thinking it’s real.

So rather than buying several rolls of wallpaper and matching the repeating pattern up, you select the size of the wallpaper that best fits your wall – from 6’W x 8’H all the way up to 36’W x 9’H!

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High Resolution = Realistic Looking

To get this kind of detail in a faux brick wallpaper is tough.  The reason the gray brick wallpaper I sell is so crisp and clear is that the photographer takes 74 small photos of different sections of a brick wall, and then stitches them together in Photoshop, recreating the wall.

He uses a high resolution setting on the camera so that each individual photo captures every crack in the aged brick and gritty detail in the mortar.

The resolution of this particular design is 450 MegaPixels (versus most competitors’ resolution of between 25-35 MegaPixels).

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Celebrity Designers Trust my Wallpaper for TV

Brian Gluckstein stands with Adrienne of in front of her gray brick wallpaper on set at Cityline

Experts like Brian Gluckstein, Colin and Justin, Christian Dare and Leigh-Ann Allaire Perrault have all used my wallpaper murals on Cityline because they know they can trust the quality of both the product and my service.

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The Perfect Background for Accent Décor

A gray brick wallpaper from is the backdrop to Brian's Gluckstein's set on Cityline

This gray brick wallpaper adds a ton of texture, but is still neutral enough to let the rest of the décor stand out.  Brian added his beautiful line of Gluckstein Home furniture (available at Hudson’s Bay stores) showing how you can mix and match different types of wood, metal and fabrics to create a high-end, cohesive look that’s not matchy-matchy.

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Easy to Hang Wallpaper

Adrienne of installs a gray brick wallpaper on set at Cityline in Toronto

If you’re a DIYer who likes to roll their sleeves up, I made a How-To Hang video walking you through the simple process of hanging this pre-pasted wallpaper.

For anyone who needs a helping hand in the greater Hamilton / Toronto areas, I offer installation services.

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Removable Wallpaper

A gray brick wallpaper from is on set at Cityline TV

The experts at Cityline love using my removable wallpaper because it peels off in minutes, allowing their walls to be quickly redecorated for the next TV episode.

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Non-Toxic Brick Wallpaper

Adrienne of stands on set at Cityline in front of a gray brick wallpaper

These murals are all printed on eco-friendly wallpaper so you can breathe easy.  The wallpaper itself has no harmful vinyl and the printer toner has no dangerous VOCs or chemicals.  The glue on the back of the wallpaper is water based and odourless.  And the best thing of all – you can reuse this wallpaper if you move or recycle it when you’re done.

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All of the brick wallpaper that I sell is created the same way, so you’re sure to get the same quality of design, paper and service.

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