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Celebrity designer, Brian Gluckstein, features my gray brick wallpaper on this episode of Cityline.  He uses mix match interior design as inspiration to create an elevated look.  See the episode and learn how you can get this look in your home, too!

Watch Gray Brick Wallpaper on Cityline

“Our wall is About Murals.  This is reusable wallpaper and they have the most incredible designs – you can do paneling, brick.  You can peel it off, take it with you.  Fabulous texture, so you want to mix up materials and textures on the wall,” says celebrity designer, Brian Gluckstein. (4:12)

Watch the entire episode to see how he styles his set using this gray brick wallpaper.

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Mix Match Interior Design: Create the Look

To create a mix match living room, like Brian, start with my textured brick wallpaper on your wall and layer black and white art over top.  Then mix and match furniture like the marble coffee table, cane chair and velvet chair.  Get adventurous and mix wood – think light oak with ebony AND black painted wood.  Next toss in some flannel and silk throw cushions.  Don’t be afraid to mix antique pieces with modern furniture.

Easy Brick Wallpaper

Adrienne of AboutMurals.ca installs a gray brick wallpaper on set at Cityline in Toronto

DIY enthusiasts, roll your sleeves up and follow my How To Hang Video to learn the simple process of hanging this wallpaper.

For those who need a helping hand in the greater Hamilton / Toronto areas, then I offer installation services.  If you live elsewhere, find a professional wallpaper hanger at the Wallcovering Installers Association.

Realistic Brick Wallpaper

A gray brick wallpaper sold by AboutMurals.ca

This faux brick wallpaper is made from a high resolution photo of a real brick wall, so you’ll never see a repeating pattern like in other wallpaper.  This tricks your eye into thinking it’s real.

A unique photography process creates an ultra crisp, clear gray brick wallpaper.  It captures every crack in the aged brick and gritty detail in the mortar.  The resolution of this particular design is 450 MegaPixels (versus most competitors’ resolution of between 25-35 MegaPixels), so it looks like real exposed brick on your wall.

Grey Brick Removable Wallpaper

Grey Brick Removable Wallpaper on Cityline from About Murals

Celebrity designers, like Brian Gluckstein, love using my removable wallpaper because it peels off in minutes.  The set wall is quickly and easily stripped for the next TV personality to decorate.  It stays on your wall for years, but pulls away (with no damage to the paint or sheetrock) when you’re ready for a new look.  You don’t need gel removers, tools or water.

Non-Toxic Brick Wallpaper

Adrienne of AboutMurals.ca stands on set at Cityline in front of a gray brick wallpaper

These murals are all printed on eco-friendly wallpaper so you can breathe easy.  The wallpaper itself has no harmful vinyl and the printer toner has no dangerous VOCs or chemicals.  The glue on the back of the wallpaper is water based and odourless.  And the best thing of all – you can reuse this wallpaper if you move or recycle it when you’re done.

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Brian Gluckstein stands with Adrienne of AboutMurals.ca in front of her gray brick wallpaper on set at Cityline

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Adrienne is the owner and founder of About Murals. Her work has been featured on Cityline, HGTV, The DIY Network, CTV Life and The Toronto Sun. She enjoys writing about trends in wallpaper murals and creating videos teaching DIYers how to hang wallpaper. You can reach her at adrienne@aboutmurals.ca.

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