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Thinking of a hand-painted mural for your kids, but not sure how much it’ll cost?  Request a quote!


Why should I work with you, Adrienne?

I’ve been painting kids murals since 2005 and have worked with celebrity designers and TV personalities like Mike Holmes, Mike Holmes Jr., Sherry Holmes, Colin and Justin, Tracy Moore, Christian Dare, Leigh-Ann Allaire Perrault and more!  My murals have appeared on Cityline, the DIY Network and in the Toronto Sun.  I know a thing or two about wall murals!

How much do your custom, hand-painted kids murals cost?

My prices start at $1500.

What does that price include?

Every quoted price includes an initial consultation, a document of mural ideas to choose from and a to-scale sketch if required.  From there, I’ll paint your mural which includes my years of experience as a muralist, all non-toxic paint and tools required, and mileage.

Where do you work?

I live and work in the greater Hamilton / Toronto areas of Ontario, Canada.  I hand-paint kids murals from Toronto to Niagara Falls (and everywhere in between).

Are you insured?

Although I’ve never needed it, I am fully insured.