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This wall mural will make your kids believe in fairytales!  Painted in Stoney Creek, a royal unicorn trots around the castle grounds under a rainbow.

The inspiration

Hailey’s parents loved calling her “Princess” and wanted a personalized mural to celebrate her nickname.

They looked for ideas of other wall murals online and we looked at the other decor in Hailey’s room and came up with this royal design.

The mural

To save on cost, Hailey’s parents painted the blue sky and green grass with latex paint.  I gave them a few tips on how to paint the background for the mural.

The other 3 walls were purple, so we used this colour as highlights in the wall mural, but used a lot of blue and white as well.

Since they already have their princess, all I needed to paint in this wall mural was the castle and magical unicorn.

Personalizing the wall mural

The awesome thing about kids wall murals is that you can personalize them.  In this mural, I added the letter “H” for Hailey to the saddle of the unicorn and to the flags of the castle.

All painted wall murals are:

  • Free hand-drawn
  • Painted with non-toxic paint so it’s safe for your children to play in
  • Created by a muralist with over 12 years’ experience so you can relax knowing you’re working with a professional
  • Designed uniquely for you and your home (or business) giving you a custom piece of artwork

Pricing for wall murals

Wall Murals starting from $350.  This mural starting from $650.

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