How to Wallpaper Around Bulkheads

21 September 2020

Not sure how to wallpaper around bulkheads – that tricky section of your ceiling that drops down and encases duct work, plumbing or wiring?  Watch this video (or read the step-by-step instructions) to learn how!Play For more DIY [...]

How to Wallpaper Around Sockets

9 September 2020

Watch this video to learn how to wallpaper around sockets so that it looks crisp and clean.  Plus I share a sneaky tip on how to keep paste out of your plug, which can be a messy headache [...]

How to Calculate Wallpaper Mural Size

23 March 2020

You may be wondering, “How many rolls or square feet of wallpaper do I need?” Wallpaper murals work differently than traditional wallpaper.  You simply order the size that most closely fits the width and height of your wall.&[...]

How to Center Wallpaper on Walls Horizontally

3 February 2020

If your wall is taller than the height of your wallpaper mural, you’ll want to know how to center wallpaper on walls horizontally. Another way to say this?  Leaving space above (and possibly below) your wallpaper mural. [...]

Wallpaper Seams

9 December 2019

If you’re new to hanging wallpaper, wallpaper seams are one area that can give you a bit of grief.  You might notice that the edges start peeling away from the wall or you could see an ugly [...]

How To Hang Prepasted Wallpaper

3 December 2019

Watch this video to learn how to hang prepasted wallpaper from professional wallpaper installer, Adrienne.  It teaches you the best way to install wallpaper quickly. Your friends will think you hired a pro – even if you’re a [...]

How to Make Custom Wall Murals like Cityline

28 November 2019

I create a lot of custom wall murals for Cityline and this mural of stairs is no exception.  For so many decorating devotees, it’s especially important to create a unique wallpaper that no one else has.  [...]

Easy Wallpaper: Pros and Cons of 3 Types

25 November 2019

 you’ve never hung wallpaper before, you might be wondering if there’s an easy wallpaper to use.  Watch me explain the pros and cons of three different kinds of wallpaper and which one avoids a big [...]

How to Remove Wallpaper

9 January 2018

Have you fallen head over heels for one of my wallpaper murals…but wondering how to remove wallpaper when you’re done with it?  Worried it’ll take you days to get it down?  Or that you’[...]