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Your kids will daydream away under this mural with their adorable new friends!  The giraffe, monkey and elephant were painted in a bedroom in Toronto, Ontario.

The inspiration

Mom and dad already had bedding in Jax’s room and wanted a wall mural to bring the room together.

The animals in the bedding look quilted – their eyes looked like buttons and you could see thread stitching around the edges.  Keeping details like these in wall murals make all the difference in the final look.

Safari Mural

I painted the giraffe peeking out the top of Jax’s bunk bed to add a splash of whimsy.

The monkey got painted in a cozy nook between the bunk bed and the window.

The elephant was painted near the floor – the perfect height for Jax to sit next to and play with toys with his new friend.

Kids wall murals create a room that is just for them.  Your kids feel at home, like they have their own safe place to daydream, play and grow.

All painted wall murals are:

  • Free hand-drawn
  • Painted with non-toxic paint so it’s safe for your children to play in
  • Created by a muralist with over 12 years’ experience so you can relax knowing you’re working with a professional
  • Designed uniquely for you and your home (or business) giving you a custom piece of artwork

Pricing for wall murals

This mural starting from $350.

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