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Cityscape Wallpaper

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If you’re looking for a really modern cityscape wallpaper to add to your walls, you’ll find my fave ideas below (some have even been featured on Cityline TV).

PLUS learn some tricks to help you hang these totally glam wallpaper murals.

Brooklyn Bridge Wall Mural

Brooklyn Bridge at Night black and white wall mural, as seen in this grey bedroom, features the New York City skyline. Removable wallpaper sold by AboutMurals.ca

Brooklyn Bridge wall mural is one of the most popular cityscape wallpaper that I sell on my website.  The photo mural feels really modern, adds an element of excitement and the black and white colour matches any paint palette in your room.

Watch it on Cityline TV

Watch how celebrity designer, Shai DeLuca, styles this dining room with the Brooklyn Bridge mural on this episode of Cityline.

Brooklyn Bridge at Night Wall Mural is seen on the set of Cityline with celebrity designer Shai Deluca and Adrienne of AboutMurals.ca

Although you’ll find my wallpaper is super easy to install (just watch my How-To Hang Video to help you along), you may want to hire a professional installer if you have your hands full with the rest of your renovation project or are short on time.

The experts at Cityline always trust me to install my wallpaper murals for their television episodes because I’m a detailed perfectionist, and I pride myself in offering the same level of service to all my customers.  If you’re in the greater Hamilton / Toronto areas of Ontario, you can book me to install any wallpaper purchased from my website.

If you live elsewhere, find a professional wallpaper hanger at the Wallcovering Installers Association.

Manhattan Wallpaper

Birds Eye View of Manhattan Wallpaper, as seen on the wall of this modern living room, features a New York skyline full of skyscrapers. Cityscape wallpaper sold by AboutMurals.ca.

On to another part of New York City!  Although we’re still looking at a black and white photo mural, this Manhattan Wallpaper is taken specifically in the Flatiron District and captures the Flatiron Building, Met Life Tower and Madison Square Park.  It perfectly captures the hustle and bustle of this famous city.

Manhattan at Night Wallpaper

Manhattan at Night Wall Mural, as seen in this grey living room, features a New York City skyline with high rise buildings. Cityscape wallpaper sold by AboutMurals.ca

If you’re looking for an NYC skyline at night wallpaper that captures more glitz and excitement, this one is for you.  You’ll feel like you’re in the highest skyscraper looking down on the city that never sleeps.  The lit up windows against the evening sky almost sparkle.

It really is the perfect wallpaper, even if you rent your space, because I only sell removable wallpaper.  So if you like to redecorate often or think you might move, just peel the panels off the wall (with no damage) and you’re left with a fresh wall.  You can even reuse the mural at your new place!

Toronto Skyline Mural

Downtown Toronto at Night Wallpaper, as seen on the wall of this living room, features lit up skyscrapers shining over a lake. Cityscape wallpaper sold by AboutMurals.ca.

This Toronto skyline wall mural captures the vibrant and lively city with its high rise buildings reflected in glistening Lake Ontario.  It’s a great backdrop for entertaining – whether you’re watching Netflix on your big screen, jamming it out with friends or enjoying great conversation over drinks.

And you can rest easy knowing you’re not affecting your precious lakes, forests or your own home’s air quality because all the wallpaper murals I sell are eco-friendly:

  • No dangerous VOCs in the printer ink
  • No vinyl in the wallpaper
  • The paste on the wallpaper is water-based
  • The wallpaper is FSC certified, keeping our forests healthy
  • The paper is fully de-inkable, meaning they’re 100% recyclable. Better yet, reuse them (yes, they’re reusable)

Montreal Skyline Wallpaper

Montreal at Night Wall Mural, as seen in this office, features skyscraper buildings in this iconic Canadian city. City wallpaper sold by AboutMurals.ca.

This famous Quebec cityscape is tres chic and features high rise buildings in downtown Montreal contrasted against a night sky.  Nothing will get you motivated more than stepping into your office overlooking this city.

I know it can be tough to find a qualified wallpaper hanger (or maybe you just can’t find one who pays enough attention to the small details).  It’s important to me that I only sell easy wallpaper that anyone can hang.  That’s why I made you a step-by-step How to Hang video tutorial.  Go on…you can do it!

Chicago Wall Mural

Chicago River Wallpaper, as seen on the wall of this office, features modern skyscraper buildings in the windy city. Chicago skyline wallpaper sold by AboutMurals.ca.

A slightly different cityscape wallpaper than the rest, this photograph is taken during the day and overlooks the Chicago River, a natural and human-engineered marvel.

The quality of this wallpaper is a marvel, too.  The FSC paper is made by blending renewable wood pulp with polyester fibres to increase its strength and durability.  It’s even Grade A Fire Rated, so it’s perfect to use in commercial buildings.

Golden Gate Bridge Mural

Golden Gate Bridge Wall Mural, as seen in this living room, features the red bridge overlooking a black and white San Francisco landscape. Cityscape wallpaper sold by AboutMurals.ca.

It’s almost as stunning on your wall as it is in person.  This black and white photo mural of the iconic San Francisco landscape, photographed from the Marin Headlands, is even more stunning with the famous suspension bridge juxtaposed in a vivid and powerful red colour.

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Why Buy Your Cityscape Wallpaper From Me?

Mike Holmes and Adrienne Scanlan of AboutMurals.ca

My murals have appeared on Cityline, The DIY Network, CHCH Morning Live and in the Toronto Sun.  Since 2005, I’ve worked with celebs like Mike Holmes, Sherry Holmes, Mike Holmes Junior, Colin and Justin, Brian Gluckstein, Tracy Moore, Christian Dare and Leigh-Ann Allaire Perrault.

I like to think these professionals trust me to work on their TV sets because I offer superior service and a stellar product.

All of my wallpaper murals ship for free within Canada and the USA, the refund policy is out of this world and the designs are awe-inspiring.

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