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Here are 10 dark cityscape wallpaper ideas that add an urban aesthetic to your walls.  Watch one of our skyline designs used on an episode of Cityline and then get inspired with the rest of these city wall murals!

Dark Cityscape Wallpaper as seen on Cityline

Watch how celebrity designer, Shai DeLuca, styles a dining room (and shares etiquette tips) using our Brooklyn Bridge at Night Wallpaper on this episode of Cityline.  Created from a photo, it captures the iconic New York skyline with its glittering city lights against a black nighttime sky.

Manhattan at Night Wallpaper

Manhattan at Night Wallpaper, as seen on the wall of this dark living room, is a photo mural of skyscrapers in New York City lit up under a nighttime sky from About Murals.

Create a faux window view from your own walls with our Manhattan at Night Wallpaper. It captures the excitement of NYC and feels like you’re standing on a balcony or looking out a window onto the skyscrapers of the famous city.

Make this cityscape mural wallpaper more realistic by adding curtains on either side. There is even a version of this mural available with window panes designed over the image.

“We love our wall mural. We were afraid the picture would be washed out, when it was blown up to a 8×9 mural. We feel it’s like we’re looking over New York. It was very easy to hang. Differently good quality.”

Review of Manhattan at Night Wallpaper by Nancy Rainey

Removable City Wallpaper

Downtown Toronto at Night Wallpaper, as seen on the wall of this living room, is a photo wall mural of buildings lit up against a dark sky that are reflected in Lake Ontario from About Murals.

Neon lights from the top of the towers are reflected in Lake Ontario in this Toronto skyline wall mural. This dark cityscape wallpaper is created from a high resolution photograph that captures all the small details of buildings. It looks crisp and clear, even up close.

Our murals are removable, making them perfect for TV sets needing to quickly redecorate (and your home, too!).

Black Cityscape Wallpaper

Montreal at Night Wallpaper, as seen on the wall of this urban office, is a photo mural of city lights and towers under a black evening sky in Canada.  Dark Cityscape Wallpaper sold by About Murals.

Nothing motivates more at work than a dark cityscape wallpaper with tres chic views of downtown Montreal. Our city murals, including this Montreal at Night Wallpaper, are ideal for any commercial space including offices, restaurants and retail stores. They have a Class A Fire Rating and a high washability and durability score. So go ahead…add some hustle to your work walls!

Easy Cityscape Wallpaper

Toronto Skyline Wallpaper, as seen on the wall of this living room, is a photo mural of neon lights on the CN Tower, Rogers Centre and skyscrapers reflected in Lake Ontario against a blue dusk sky from About Murals.

This photo of the Toronto Skyline is a vibrant way to add a city night wallpaper to your walls with its blue and orange dusk sky and neon lights reflected in Lake Ontario. It captures the iconic CN Tower, Rogers Centre and many skyscrapers of the Canadian city.

How do you get this skyline mural onto your wall? Easy! Follow our How-To Install Video Tutorial and we’ll walk you through the process, step-by-step.

City Scene Wallpaper

Hong Kong Wallpaper, as seen on the wall of this blue living room, is a photo mural of skyscrapers in Hong Kong under a pink and blue night sky from About Murals.

For a more exotic feeling, Hong Kong Wallpaper pleases with its view of modern skyscrapers contrasted against beautiful Victoria Harbour in China. You can rest easy knowing you’re not affecting your precious lakes, forests or your own home’s air quality because all the wallpaper murals we sell are eco-friendly:

  • No dangerous VOCs in the printer ink
  • No vinyl in the wallpaper
  • The paste on the wallpaper is water-based
  • The wallpaper is FSC certified, keeping our forests healthy
  • The paper is fully de-inkable, meaning they’re 100% recyclable. Better yet, reuse them (yes, they’re reusable)

Blue City Wallpaper

NYC Skyline Wallpaper, as seen on the wall of this blue living room, is a photo mural of the black Brooklyn Bridge contrasted against a blue night sky in New York from About Murals.

Our wallpaper murals, including this Brooklyn Bridge design, come in pre-determined sizes to fit most standard walls. We carry them in-stock so they are ready to quickly ship the same day. However, if your wall size isn’t so standard, you can create a custom size from any design in our shop.

Cityscape Night Wallpaper

Times Square Night Wallpaper, as seen on the wall of this black living room, is a city mural created from a digital illustration of the iconic street in New York from About Murals.

Not all of our dark cityscape wallpaper is made from photos. Some, like this Times Square at Night Wallpaper, are digital illustrations. Wallpaper samples are available for all of our designs so you can feel the quality of the paper and match paint and furniture colours.

Red and Black City Wallpaper

For a more abstract, geometric look, opt for this Red and Black City Wallpaper.

Grey Tower Bridge Wallpaper

Tower Bridge Wallpaper, as seen on the wall of this grey dining room, is a black and white photo mural of the famous suspension bridge in London, England from About Murals.

Black and white photo murals are a modern way to decorate, including this Tower Bridge Wallpaper. Backlit against a dark night sky, the mural of the famous suspension bridge adds depth to your room making it seem bigger than it is.

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