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  • A mom and daughter sit in front of a birch tree wallpaper

Hey!  I’m Adrienne.

I work with DIY-home-décor-enthusiasts who loooove prettying up a room by rolling up their sleeves and getting it done.

I can help you change the feel of your space with wall murals that are gorgeous (that’s an understatement!), eco-friendly (so they’re safe for your family), super quick to hang (cause I know you have no time, right?) and even REMOVABLE!

What others say about me

I’m very grateful for all the media exposure I’ve received over the years.

I’ve been featured on Billboards for Bullfrog Insurance, in the Hamilton Spectator and Hamilton Mountain News way (way back in 2005 when I first started my biz).

My murals have been featured on:

But even more important than the media, I care about what my clients have to say.  I strive for 100% happy clients.  Here’s just a handful of testimonials from my customers:

But really…who are you?

I’m  mama to Audrey.

I’m a bargain hunter and recovering extreme couponer.

I’m a wanna-be chef.  Pre-Audrey, I cooked fancy Indian and Thai meals.  These days, I’m experimenting with my crock pot and other quick and healthy recipes.

I’m a travel nut.  I lived in England for 2 years.  I toured Europe on my own while in college.  My fave trip ever was an island hopping tour of Hawaii.  These days, I love to lounge with a book in the Caribbean…and Disney World is up next!

And, of course, I’m an artist-and-interior-decorating-junkie-turned-mompreneur.  That’s just a given.

Still curious?  Read the story of how I started my mural biz.

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