Hey, I’m Adrienne!

Adrienne Scanlan, owner of AboutMurals.ca

I’m an artist + interior-decorating-junkie for people who haaa-ate boring walls.

You’ll find my hand-painted murals in homes all over Ontario and my removable wallpaper murals on walls around the world.

You can expect a flawlessly fabulous wall when we work together because I’ve been designing, painting and curating wall murals since 2005.

Both my hand-painted murals AND my removable wallpaper murals are eco-friendly and won’t affect the air quality in your home.  Breathe easy!

Trusted by TV Celebs

I’m the trusted mural girl for celebrity designers and TV personalities such as Mike Holmes, Mike Holmes Jr., Sherry Holmes, Colin and Justin, Brian Gluckstein, Tracy Moore, Christian Dare and many more!

My murals have been seen on Cityline and the DIY Network and I’ve been featured on billboards throughout Hamilton and in newspapers like the Toronto Sun, Hamilton Spectator and the Hamilton Mountain News.

Stone Wall Mural, as seen on Colin and Justin's Cityline set, features moody grey stacked stones with hints of purple, blue and yellow. Stone wallpaper sold by AboutMurals.ca.

But really…who are you?

Adrienne of AboutMurals.ca sits with her daughter Audrey in front of a candy world mural

I’m mama to Audrey.  A wine lover.  A gym rat.

I’m a wanna-be chef.  Pre-Audrey, I cooked fancy Indian and Thai meals.  These days, I’m experimenting with quick and healthy recipes.

I’m a travel nut.  I lived in England for 2 years.  I toured Europe on my own while in college.  My fave trip ever was an island hopping tour of Hawaii. I love to lounge with a book or hit the beach with Audrey in the Caribbean…and Disney World is up next!

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