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This is a stanley-cup-kind-of-mural!  Painted in Stoney Creek, Ontario, the whole wall is painted like a Montreal Canadiens home hockey jersey.

The inspiration

Nolin just moved into his new house, and to make him feel more at home, his parents wanted to create a cool new bedroom for him complete with a hockey mural.

His fave sport is hockey and his fave team are the Habs.

The mural

In this wall mural, I painted the home jersey for the Montreal Canadiens.

Wall murals for hockey fans are a no brainer – it helps them celebrate their team in style.

All painted wall murals are:

  • Free hand-drawn
  • Painted with non-toxic paint so it’s safe for your children to play in
  • Created by a muralist with over 12 years’ experience so you can relax knowing you’re working with a professional
  • Designed uniquely for you and your home (or business) giving you a custom piece of artwork


Wall murals from $350.  This mural starting from $425.

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