Pittsburgh Penguins Mural

Pittsburgh Penguins Mural

This Pittsburgh Penguin mural is so popular, I’ve painted two of them!  One was in Brampton and the other in Milton, but each one was customized slightly for each client.

Keep scrolling for more Pittsburgh Penguins bedroom ideas and to see why we should work together if you’d like a hand-painted mural, too!

You can customize your Pittsburgh Penguins mural

A Pittsburgh Penguins mural painted by muralist Adrienne of AboutMurals.ca

Every hand-painted mural can be customized specifically for your home.  The Pittsburgh Penguins mural I painted for both clients was the 1970-1990s version of the team logo.  But it could have been painted in the newer version, with a blue circle or the grey background.  I painted a yellow and black horizontal stripe for one client, but the other client didn’t want it.  The sky’s the limit and you get to totally customize your design.

Book a free consultation!

Muralist Adrienne of AboutMurals.ca paints a Pittsburgh Penguins mural

The only way I know how to customize your mural is through a free consultation, where I go over a bunch of questions like the version of the sports team logo you want, colours, wall size and any other personalization you might want.

Gimme a shout to set up your free consultation.

I only use non-toxic, durable paint

A Pittsburgh Penguins mural in the process of being painted by Adrienne of AboutMurals.ca

Many of my clients have very active, high energy kids who play first and think of messes last.  I only use no VOC latex paint that is washable and won’t affect your kids air quality!

I only book one mural per week

Have you ever worked with a contractor who starts a job and then leaves for days at a time while they “fit” in other clients?  It’s happened to me and I felt frustrated and unimportant.

I only book one mural into my schedule each week, so I’m guaranteed to finish it quickly (even if you decide to make some last minute changes to the design) and you can have your house back in order.

Why hire me to paint your Pittsburgh Penguins mural?

Holmes Next Generation star Mike Holmes stands with Adrienne of AboutMurals.ca after she finished painting a mural for the television show

I’m the go-to-mural-girl for celebrity designers and TV personalities like Mike Holmes, Mike Holmes Jr., Sherry Holmes, Brian Gluckstein, Colin and Justin, Tracy Moore, Christian Dare, Leigh-Ann Allaire Perrault and more!  I’ve been painting kids murals since 2005.  I know a thing or two about wall murals!

Gimme a shout if you’d like a quote on a hand-painted mural.

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A mountain mural painted in a nursery by Adrienne of AboutMurals.ca on set of Holmes Next Generation