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Faux wood wallpaper creates rustic feeling walls and celebrity designer, Sharon Grech, shares how to get the look on this episode of Cityline.  Removable wood wallpaper is perfect for condo dwellers or anyone who doesn’t want to permanently install shiplap wood.

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“About Murals creates these really beautiful patterns with a real wood look, so you get that texture but you just have to install it like wallpaper.  So you can just do an accent wall, [and] you know that it’s fairly easy to remove it after the fact,” says celebrity expert, Sharon Grech. (6:09)

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Wood Wallpaper Featured by Celebrity Designer

Sharon Grech recommends three wood wallpaper designs from About Murals on this TV episode. Keep scrolling to see them all!

Barn Wood Wallpaper

Wood Look Wallpaper from AboutMurals.ca

This barn wood wallpaper creates a cozy feeling room with its uber realistic looking pattern.  The photographer uses a unique process to capture a real wood wall, creating a high quality resolution of 450 MegaPixels.  What does that mean?  Unlike many others on the market, you can see all the genuine textured grain and knots in this wood look wallpaper – even up close.

Grey Wood Wallpaper

Grey Wood Wallpaper from AboutMurals.ca

This grey wood wallpaper is also featured on Cityline by celebrity designers, Colin and Justin.  They talk about how it’s printed on removable wallpaper, making it perfect for those who rent or anyone who likes to change their décor often to stay on trend.  It’s also a reusable wallpaper.  Just peel it off the wall and reapply with wallpaper paste later.  Gift it to a friend or charity when you’re done with it!

Whitewash Wood Wallpaper

Whitewash Wood Wallpaper from AboutMurals.ca

Whitewash wood wallpaper has a softer, airy feeling.  And unlike the wood wallpaper above, these wooden planks run horizontally making your room appear wider.  All wallpaper sold by AboutMurals.ca is eco-friendly, meaning it doesn’t contain any harmful VOCs in the printer toner and there’s no dangerous vinyl in the paper.

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