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Custom Wall Murals

You’re unique.

One of a kind.

You have impeccable taste and a vision…and beige walls just don’t cut it.

Custom wallpaper murals are the perfect way to share your style, memories, passion…and you.

There are 4 types of custom wall murals you can create.

1. A standard wall mural with a custom size, words or logo added

Create custom wall murals with words, logos or sizing at AboutMurals.ca

Have a super big wall and can’t find the right size wallpaper mural?

Want your business logo and tagline put over top of a mural?

Or maybe your child’s name?

Want a special verse from a storybook (or an inspirational quote) added to a wall mural?

Most wall murals that are sold on this website can be customized.

2. Your Own Photo

Create custom wall murals from your own photos with AboutMurals.ca

Have a photo of 4 generations of your family together?

A magical place you went on vacation?

A special day like your wedding or birth of your baby?

You can share your special memories with everyone who visits by having it made into a custom mural.

Imagine the impact that would make on a feature wall!

You can create your wallpaper out of a 35mm photo (that can be scanned) or the original negative or slide if it’s an oldie.

It can also be created from a photo on your digital camera.  A RAW format is the best.
A regular .tif or .jpg file may be okay.

If it’s blurry, the graphic designer may be able to improve it with special software.

Get in touch if you’re not sure.  I’ll walk you through the process and see if your photo is suitable to create your wallpaper.

3. Stock Image…that ahhhhmazing picture you found online

Create custom wall murals from a stock image with AboutMurals.ca

There are lots of websites that feature “stock images.”

These are pictures or artwork created by photographers, artists and graphic designers and they can make perfect custom wallpaper.

The image needs to be good quality…around 20MB (that’s approx. 6000 x 4000 pixels).
Pics with lots of colours or texture make the best wall murals.

Sometimes, photos with a lot of blank space (like a plain blue sky) will show the seams on a mural.

If you have an idea in your head, but don’t know where to look, get in touch.  I can help you find the perfect pic!

4. Your Own Art

Create custom wall murals of your own artwork with AboutMurals.ca

Did you create a painting that you put your heart and soul into?

Maybe you drew something that all your family and friends adore.

Make it larger than life and have it on display for everyone to see.

How Much Does It Cost?

The cost to create a personalized, unique and custom wallpaper is $5.50/square foot.

This price covers:

  • Design Services – experienced graphic designers will work with you to create a perfectly customized mural that fits your vision and your wall
  • Printing – your mural will be printed on paper that is removable (and reusable) and eco-friendly
  • Shipping – your mural will be shipped to you for free within Canada and the Contiguous United States

There is a minimum price of $137.50, which basically covers 25 square feet.

You can def have something smaller printed, but the minimum charge will need to be applied.

There might be a scanning fee depending on the size of your photo.  This is usually for large paintings.  Of course, you’ll be told upfront about any extra fees, before you mail your painting or photo.

How Does The Sizing Work?

The height of the wallpaper mural is totally custom – it can be printed as tall as you need.

The mural is printed on 18” wide panels, so the width of your custom mural must fit into multiples of 18”.

For example, if your wall is 10’ wide (120”), your removable wallpaper will be printed to 10.5’ (126” – which is a multiple of 18″).

Here’s a sample sizing chart for this example:

Custom wall murals size chart from AboutMurals.ca

(126” ÷ 18” = 7 wallpaper panels)

The last 6” will be blank, so you can trim it off after you hang your mural.

The price is always based on the actual square feet printed (rather than your wall size).

In this example, the price would be based on 10.5’ wide.

The great news?  It doesn’t matter how wide your wall is…I can get you a mural to fit!

How Long Will It Take?

Once final approval is given for the design, it takes about 2 weeks to print and ship wall murals.

What Is The Return Policy For Custom Wall Murals?

Custom wallpaper murals are made just for you, so they’re not returnable.

Good To Know

Your graphic designer will work closely with you to create the perfect wallpaper mural.

The size of your photo or artwork may not fit the same measurement ratio as your wall.

Your designer may need to crop, compress or stretch your image on the computer so it’ll fit on the wall perfectly.

You will be a part of this design process and will make the ultimate decision based on proofs you’ll be sent by your designer.

Get Started!

Have more questions?  Give me a shout at toll free 1-844-446-1551 or fill out this form.

Otherwise, order your custom wallpaper here.

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