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Installation Questions

How Do I Hang This Wallpaper?

This wallpaper is so easy to hang, it’s done in an afternoon!  Here’s a How To Install Video Tutorial to help you along.

Do You Offer Installation Services?

For anyone with limited time, we offer installation services in the Hamilton, Toronto and Niagara Falls areas.

For those outside of this area, check out the Wallcovering Installers Association to find an installer in your area.

How Many Rolls of Wallpaper Do I Buy?

There’s no need to calculate the number of rolls you need with a wallpaper mural!  Simply Choose your Wallpaper Size from the drop down menu of the pattern you like, based on the size of your wall.  Wallpaper murals come in pre-determined sizes versus regular wallpaper with repeat patterns.  This makes it much easier for you to calculate how much wallpaper you need.

For more information, read this helpful blog post on how to calculate your wallpaper mural size.

Can I Install This Wallpaper in a Bathroom or High Humidity Room?

Yes, this wallpaper absorbs and then releases moisture making it perfect for high humidity rooms.  You’ll never have to worry about mold or mildew!

What Surface Can I Hang This Wallpaper On?

  • It’s ideal to hang these wallpaper murals on a smooth, interior wall, glass or mirror.  They can also be hung over melamine, vinyl or ceramic if two coats of oil-based primer or Zinsser BIN is applied first.
  • For an orange peel textured wall, if the texture is very slight, you can roll on extra wallpaper paste to fill in the “grooves” of the texture and then hang the wallpaper as normal.  If the texture is too heavy, it’s not suitable for this wallpaper.  Feel free to contact us with a photo of your wall for advice on whether it’s suitable or not, or for installation tips.
  • For wood panels with grooves, it’s ideal to fill in the grooves with putty or compound, sand it to a smooth finish and then prime with an oil-based primer or Zinsser BIN primer.
  • If you’re hanging over old wallpaper, make sure the old paper is securely attached to the wall.  Use border repair paste to re-stick any corners or seams that may be peeling off the wall.  Then prime the old wallpaper with an oil-based primer or Zinsser BIN.
  • It’s not suitable for exterior walls, or over cinderblock or brick.

Is This Wallpaper Suitable for Commercial Grade Spaces?

Yes, this wallpaper is:

  • Fire Rated Class A for Smoke and Flame Spread
  • ANSI/ASHRAE/USGBC/IES Standard 189.1-2009, Ceiling & Wall Systems
  • USGBC LEED for Healthcare, 2009 (Feb 2011), IEQ Credit 4: LEM, Group 2 – Wall & Ceiling Finishes
  • USGBC LEED for Schools, 2009, IEQ Credit 4.6: LEM – Ceiling & Wall Systems
  • Collaborative for High Performance Schools (CHPS) rating system, 2009 Criteria EQ2.2.6: Ceiling & Wall Systems
  • Green Guide for Healthcare, V2.2, 2007, EQ Credit 4.2: LEM – Wall & Ceiling Finishes
  • ANSI/GBI 01-2010 Green Building Assessment Protocol, 2010, Table 12.2.1-B: Walls
  • Exceeds the category Five Type II commercial serviceability classification

Is This Wallpaper Removable?

These wallpaper murals are removable and reusable.

Product Information

How Do Sizes Work?

Simply choose the wallpaper size that most closely matches your wall width and height.  The mural comes in panels 18″ wide by the height you select.  For example, a 12’W x 8’H wallpaper mural comes in 8 panels of 18″ wide x 8′ high each.

Can I Order a Wallpaper Mural in Black and White?

Yes, any wallpaper mural in the shop can be printed in black and white or vintage sepia at no extra cost.  Simply comment in the “Notes” section during checkout that you’d like your mural printed in black and white or sepia.

Can I Wash My Wallpaper Mural?

Yes, you can wash your wallpaper mural with a damp cloth.  It exceeds the category Five Type II commercial serviceability classification for washability/scrubbability.

Is The Wallpaper Eco-Friendly and Non-Toxic?

These wallpaper murals are eco-friendly and safe to use in your home and business – especially around your kids and pets.

Shipping & Returns

Is Shipping Free?  And How Long Does It Take To Arrive?

You receive FREE shipping within Canada and the Contiguous USA.  Your wallpaper arrives within 2-6 business days.  Samples arrive within 15 business days.

For international customers, shipping fees apply and delivery times may be longer.

Visit the shipping information page for more details.

What is Your Return Policy?

Wallpaper murals can be returned within 30 days, for any reason, as long as it’s in its original package and the mural is intact (unused and uncut).  Custom printed murals and samples are non-refundable.

There are no re-stocking fees.

You’re responsible for the shipping costs to send it back.

Visit the return policy for more information.

Custom Wallpaper & Customizing Your Order

Can I Print A Wallpaper From Your Shop in a Custom Size?

Yes, any wallpaper mural found in the shop can be printed in a custom size.  Simply choose your wallpaper size from the drop down menu in custom wallpaper, and add the mural name you like in the “NOTES” section during checkout.  You’ll receive a digital proof to approve before the custom mural is printed.

Can I Add a Logo Over Your Wallpaper Murals?

Yes, any wallpaper mural found in the shop can be printed with your logo over top.  Simply choose your wallpaper size from the drop down menu in custom wallpaper, and add the mural name you like and a comment that you’d like your logo printed over top in the “NOTES” section during checkout.

We’ll be in touch to get your logo once the order is received.

You receive a digital proof to approve before the custom mural is printed.

Can I Print an Image I Find on Google, Pinterest or a Stock Photo Website?

You can print an image onto wallpaper that you find on a stock website, like iStock.  Before you purchase the rights to use an image, contact us and send the URL of the image you like.  We’ll ensure it’s high enough quality to print large scale.  As a general rule, you want an image that’s at least 20MB (6000 x 4000 pixels) and 300 dpi.  Acceptable types are .jpg, .eps (vector) or .png.

It’s not usually suitable to print an image you find on Google or Pinterest.  You may infringe on copyright and they’re usually too low resolution to print.

However, if you right click and save the image from Google or Pinterest then go to iStock, you can “Search by Image” by clicking the camera.  iStock finds similar images to the one you found online.

Can I Print My Own Artwork or Photo on Wallpaper?

Yes, you can turn your own painting or photograph into custom wallpaper.

For a painting, contact us and we’ll give you the shipping address to send your artwork.  It gets scanned at high resolution and then is printed onto wallpaper.

For your own photograph, an original negative prints up well.  Contact us for the shipping address to send your negative.

For digital images, generally a 20MB image prints well in large scale.  The larger, the better.  We can also work with RAW images.

Hand-Painted Wall Murals

How much does a custom painted mural cost?

Prices for a personalized, hand-painted mural start at $999 +HST.  The price varies depending on the size, amount of detail and design you choose. Contact us for a quote.

There is a 25% deposit upon booking.  The balance is due upon completion of the wall mural.

Are there cancellation fees?

If you need to cancel your scheduled wall mural for any reason, the following cancellation fees apply:

  • 72 hours to the scheduled day of your wall mural – your 25% deposit is non-refundable.
  • 73+ hours – you receive a full refund of your 25% deposit, unless materials such as paint or specialty items are purchased and are non-refundable by the supplier.

In either case, you can always reschedule the mural at no loss.

What types of payments are accepted?

You can pay by credit card, e-Transfer, PayPal or cash.  All payments are made through an SSL Secured Connection to safeguard your personal details.

How do you come up with a design for your painted wall murals?

My specialty is kids wall murals.  I work one-on-one with you (and your child) to come up with a unique design.

Share your inspiration including photos of other murals you like, paint swatches to colour match, ideas from Pinterest, or artwork from your child’s fave book.

I compile all of your ideas into a personalized design, which includes a to-scale sketch.

Do you offer design consultations?

Yes, I offer free consultations by phone or FaceTime. You can also invest in an in-home consultation, although there are only a limited number I offer each month.

What kind of paint do you use?

I use non-toxic, acrylic paint and no VOC latex paint that gives a permanent, durable finish.

Both paints have no odour and are safe to use around pregnant moms and in baby nurseries or kids bedrooms.

How long does it take to paint a mural?

The average mural takes between 1-5 days to paint.  It varies depending on the size, amount of detail, number of colours used and if there are any changes needed during the process of painting your mural.

Do you travel to paint your murals?

Yes, I paint wall murals from Toronto to Niagara Falls (and everywhere in between).

For clients in other Canadian provinces and in the USA, there are additional fees in the quote including (but not limited to) accommodation, mileage and/or flight costs.