FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

You’ll find the answer to most questions below, but we’re here to help if you can’t find your answer!

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Wallpaper Murals

What is a mural wallpaper?

A mural wallpaper is simply a photo, painting or illustration that is enlarged and printed onto removable wallpaper.  There is no repeat pattern as with traditional wallpaper.

How much wallpaper do I need?

There’s no need to calculate the number of rolls you need with a wallpaper mural!  Simply measure the width and height of your wall, and order the wallpaper size that most closely fits your wall.  If the wall mural is larger, trim away the excess during installation.  If the wall mural is smaller, you can center it on the wall during installation.  You may also order your wallpaper mural in a custom size to fit your wall perfectly.

Does it come in one large piece or multiple panels?

Our wallpaper murals arrive in pre-measured 18” wide panels, making them manageable for anyone to hang.  Each panel is numbered, so you know what order to hang them in.

Can you remove wallpaper?

Yes, we only sell removable wallpaper.  Please ensure walls are painted with a latex paint or oil/alkyd based primer that has dried for at least 21 days. 

Can wallpaper damage walls?

Our wallpaper will not damage walls or paint if hung properly.  Please ensure your walls are painted with latex paint (not latex primer) or an oil/alkyd based primer that has dried for at least 21 days.  If you follow this basic guideline, your walls will be in perfect condition when removing your wallpaper.

Can wallpaper be reused?

Yes, our wallpaper murals are reusable!  You can peel your wallpaper off of one wall and reinstall it on another wall.  Just buy a tub of ready-mixed paste, roll it onto the new wall and hang each panel one-by-one.

What is the finish of the wallpaper?

Our wall murals are printed on wallpaper that has a smooth, matte finish.  Although many of our wallpaper murals look 3D, there is no physical texture, bumps or ridges to be felt.

Can you wash wallpaper?

Yes, our wallpaper murals are washable with a damp cloth.  They exceed Category 5, Type II commercial serviceability classification, so they are durable, scrubbable and scratch resistant.

Is wallpaper safe?

Yes, our wallpaper is totally safe to use in your kids’ bedrooms and baby’s nursery as the paper, ink and paste are all non-toxic.  Our wallpaper is even certified USGBC LEED for schools and healthcare settings as an Indoor Air Quality Compliant material. 

How long can wallpaper last?

Our wallpaper murals can last for many years, if not decades, if installed properly.  Please follow our installation instructions as a guideline. 

Where can I read customer reviews?

Read our customer reviews on our website or Google us to read our Google reviews! 

Custom Wallpaper

How can you make your own wallpaper?

You can make your own wallpaper for your home or business walls using your own photo or painting or logo, illustration or a high resolution stock image.  Get in touch and we’ll walk you through the process! 

What file formats do you accept to create custom wallpaper?

We can print your custom wallpaper with a jpg, png or eps file.  The image should be at least 6000 x 4000 pixels (20MB) and 25 dpi to get a crisp, clear design.  Feel free to email your image to adrienne@aboutmurals.ca and we’ll ensure it meets all the above requirements!  You can use WeTransfer if your image is too large to email.

Can I customize your wallpaper murals?

Yes, you can customize any of the wallpaper murals in our shop.  We print any of our wall murals in black and white or sepia for free.  We also print any of our wall murals in a mirror image (flipped horizontally) for free.  If you’d like to order one of our wallpaper murals in a custom size, click the “Create a Custom Size” link from within the product and enter the width and height of your wall.

Wallpaper Installation

How to put up mural wallpaper

Our removable wallpaper is easier to install than peel and stick!  It slides around on the wall, allowing you to match the pattern at the seams perfectly.  Watch our How to Install Video Tutorial.

Is your wallpaper peel and stick?

No, we only sell prepasted, non-woven wallpaper that is removable and non-toxic.  After selling peel and stick wallpaper for many years, we listened to the feedback of our customers saying how difficult it is to hang, and discontinued this wallpaper type.  Prepasted wallpaper slides around on the wall, allowing you to match the patterns up at the seams easily and with a better outcome.  Also unlike peel and stick, our wallpaper is free from vinyl and PVC, which is toxic.

How to prime walls for wallpaper

If your walls are already painted in a latex paint (not primer) that has dried for at least 21 days, you can hang your wallpaper mural over top.  If you need to paint your wall, you can use a latex paint in an eggshell, pearl or semi-gloss finish (allow to dry for 21 days), an oil- or alkyd-based primer (allow to dry for 3 days) or Zinsser BIN Lacquer Sealer (allow to dry for one hour).  We do not advise hanging over regular latex primer as it will be difficult to “slide” your prepasted wallpaper on the wall and the primer may chip off underneath your wallpaper.

Do you offer installation services?

Yes, we offer wallpaper installation in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada and the surrounding Greater Toronto Area.  For those outside this area, check out the Wallcovering Installers Association

Suitable Surfaces for Wallpaper

Can wallpaper go in a bathroom?

Yes, our wallpaper absorbs and then releases moisture making it mold and mildew resistant.  It’s perfect for high humidity rooms like bathrooms, laundry rooms or a salon or spa.

Can you hang wallpaper on textured walls?

We recommend hanging our wallpaper on smooth, flat walls.  If you have a textured wall, skim coat the wall with two coats of drywall compound and sand down to a smooth finish.  Paint or prime the dried compound as outlined in our installation instructions and you’re good to go! 

Can you put wallpaper around a fireplace?

Yes, our wallpaper is Class A Fire Rated so can be hung around a fireplace, radiator or a baseboard heater.  Watch our Fireplace Wallpaper YouTube Tutorial for more info! We recommend leaving the heating source off for the first 48 hours so your wallpaper dries at a normal rate, allowing it to properly adhere to the wall.

Can you hang wallpaper over wallpaper?

While we recommend hanging wallpaper on a fresh, smooth and clean wall, it is possible to hang our wallpaper murals over an existing wallpaper.  Ensure the old wallpaper seams are securely adhered to the wall (use a seam repair paste if required), sand down any bumps and then paint two coats of oil- or alkyd-based primer to seal the old wallpaper in.  Then hang our wallpaper as normal.

Is wallpaper safe for nursery?

Yes, our wallpaper is non-toxic and completely safe to use in your baby’s nursery.

Can you hang wallpaper outside?

No, our wallpaper is only meant for interior walls in a home or commercial space.

Can you hang wallpaper on brick or cinder blocks?

No, like most wallpaper, it’s not compatible with brick or cinder block applications.

Can you put wallpaper on doors?

Yes, our wallpaper can be hung over a smooth, flat door.  Since this is a high touch, high traffic area, we recommend adding an additional thin layer of pre-mixed paste, using a roller, for each panel.  Then install as normal.

Can I put wallpaper on the ceiling?

Yes, our wallpaper murals are suitable for a smooth, flat ceiling.  To fight gravity, we recommend adding an additional thin layer of pre-mixed paste, using a roller, for each panel.  Then install as normal.  We do not recommend hanging on a popcorn ceiling or ceiling tiles.

What other surfaces can you wallpaper?

Our wallpaper can be hung over clean mirror or glass (no primer required), melamine with two coats of an oil-based primer or ceramic with two coats of an oil-based primer.

Are you a commercial wallpaper supplier?

Yes, all of the designs in our shop and our custom wallpaper is commercial grade wallpaper suitable for a restaurant, hotel, office, healthcare setting and more!