FAQ: Frequently Asked Questions

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FAQ: Wallpaper Murals

How easy is it to hang your wall murals?

It takes a couple hours to hang your wallpaper mural, but depends on the size and number of cuts you need to make.

Here’s a video to teach you how to hang your mural.

If you’re not the do-it-yourself type (or are just too busy) I am a fully trained installer. I hang wall murals from Toronto to Niagara Falls (and everywhere in between).  Give me a shout at 905-746-1551 for more deets.

For those outside of this area, check out the Wallcovering Installers Association to find an installer in your area.

How much does it cost to ship the wallpaper murals?

FREE!  Yay!

All wallpaper murals are shipped free within Canada and the Contiguous United States.

Here’s a list of the fees to ship your wallpaper outside North America.

Do your wallpaper murals ever come on sale?

Yes!  Become a part of my newsletter community to hear all the latest offers!

How long will it take for my mural to get to me?

You’ll get your wallpaper mural in 5-10 business days if you live in Canada or the USA. An exact shipping time frame is listed in each product description.

If you need your wall mural shipped quicker, please message or call me at toll free 1-844-446-1551 for a quote on expedited shipping.

Are your wall murals removable?

These wallpaper murals are removable and will not damage your walls.  Just pull the panel up from the bottom – it’ll peel right off the wall.

What is your Return Policy?

Wallpaper murals can be returned within 30 days, for any reason, as long as it’s in its original package and the mural is intact (unused and uncut).

You’ll have to cover the shipping costs to send it back.

Custom printed murals and samples are non-refundable.

How do I measure for my mural?

HEIGHT: When ordering your mural, make sure the wallpaper is slightly taller than your wall; an extra 2-3″ should be enough.  Walls are never totally level and could be taller or shorter in some places and you’ll need an extra few inches to trim off.  If the wallpaper mural is shorter than the height of your wall, you can simply centre it on the wall so there is the same amount of exposed wall on the top and bottom.

WIDTH: If your wall mural is wider than your wall, just trim off the extra paper.  If it’s shorter than your walls, centre the mural on the wall.

Will your wallpaper murals affect the air quality in my home?

All my wallpaper murals are totally eco-friendly and safe to use in your home – especially around your kids and pets.

FAQ: Hand-Painted Wall Murals

How do you come up with a design for your painted wall murals?

My specialty is kids wall murals.  I’ll work one-on-one with you (and your child) to come up with a unique design.

Bring on the inspiration: photos of other murals you like, paint swatches to colour match, ideas from Pinterest, or artwork from your child’s fave book.

Then I’ll let the creative juices flow before I share my ideas with you. I like to involve you every step of the way and LOVE hearing all your all ideas, concerns and inspiration all the way up to the last stroke of the paint brush.

Do you offer design consultations?

Yes, I offer free consultations by phone, email or Skype. I also offer a limited number of in-home consultations every month.

For more information, please call 905-746-1551 in the greater Hamilton area or Toll Free 1-844-446-1551.

Can you give me a sketch of my mural?

Depending on the complexity of the mural design and/or the room layout, a sketch may be required and is included in your quote.

What kind of paint do you use?

I use non-toxic, acrylic paint and no VOC latex paint that gives a permanent, durable finish.

Both paints have no odour and are safe to use around pregnant mamas and in baby nurseries or kids bedrooms.

Are your painted wall murals washable?

Yes, you can wipe your wall mural with a damp cloth.  I don’t suggest you use soap or other cleaners.

What happens if my mural gets marked after you’re done?

You can hire me to come back out and touch up your mural.  Please call me at 1-844-446-1551 or message for more info.

How long does it take to paint a mural?

It depends on the size, amount of detail, number of colours used and if there are any changes needed during the process of painting your mural.  The average mural takes between 1-5 days for me to paint.

Do I need to prepare the walls before you come?

I offer latex painting services for my mural clients if the walls need to be re-painted or if you’d like a coloured feature wall under the mural.

Do you travel to paint your murals?

Yes, I paint my wall murals from Toronto to Niagara Falls (and everywhere in between).  If you live outside of the Golden Horseshoe area of Ontario, I will travel to you but there will be additional fees in your quote including accommodation and mileage.

How much does a custom painted mural cost?

The price of a personalized, hand-painted wall mural varies depending on the size and amount of detail. Prices start at $1500 +HST. Contact me for a quote.

How do I pay?

I accept payment by Visa, MasterCard, American Express, e-Transfer, PayPal and cash.

Do you give receipts?

Yes, I give receipts. This is especially important for you business owners.

How do payments work for a painted wall mural?

Once you’ve booked a date for your hand-painted mural, I charge a 25% deposit to cover the cost of materials. The balance is due upon completion of the wall mural.

Are there cancellation fees?

If you need to cancel your scheduled wall mural for any reason, the following cancellation fees apply:

  • 24 hours or more before the scheduled mural project – you’ll get a full refund of your 25% deposit, unless I bought special materials that are non-refundable i.e. latex paint.
  • Day of the mural – you’ll lose your 25% deposit for a last minute cancellation.

In either case, you can always reschedule the mural at no loss.