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Although this tree wall mural was painted in Ancaster, Ontario, I also sell kids wallpaper murals that ship for FREE in Canada and the USA.  They are easy to hang and totally removable when you’re ready to redecorate.  Scroll down for my fave kids tree designs!

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Photos of a tree wall mural

Thinking of a tree wall mural for your kids room?  Here are some photos of a mural I painted to give you some ideas for your own space (and keep scrolling for even more ideas on removable wallpaper).

A tree wall mural painted by Adrienne of

Non toxic paint makes it safe for your baby!

A closeup of a tree wall mural painted by Adrienne of

I only use non-toxic acrylic paint and no-VOC latex paint when I create my murals.  Your kids will be able to play and sleep in their rooms – even the night I finish painting – because the air quality won’t be affected.

All of my wallpaper murals are eco-friendly, too!

A tree wall mural inspired by a book, painted by Adrienne of

A customized mural

This mama still had her favourite childhood book and we used it as inspiration for the mural.

That’s the beauty of a hand-painted mural.  It can be customized, personalized and inspired by anything!  You can add your baby’s name, a favourite quote or even change the colours from a book to match the nursery decor.

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I’ve been painting murals for kids, from Toronto to Niagara Falls, since 2005.  I’ve even painted one for a Mike Holmes TV Show!

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Or…check out my wallpaper murals!

My wallpaper murals are easy to hang, fully removable and they ship for FREE within Canada and the USA. Check out all the kids wallpaper mural designs or here are a couple of my fave tree wall murals:

Childrens Tree wall mural, as seen in this baby nursery, features kids playing in a tree house. Removable wallpaper sold by
My Tree House Wall Mural, as seen in this kids bedroom, features children playing in a treehouse. Kids wallpaper sold by