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Brick Wallpaper used by Colin and Justin on Cityline

Do you love those two funny fellas, Colin and Justin?  I got to work with them for a Cityline TV episode and I’m excited to share the behind-the-scenes story and pics!  Read more >>

Customer Photos: Old Brick Wallpaper Black & White

Want brick wallpaper for your space but worried it’ll look cheap and cheesy?

Technology has come a long way since the 1960s and brick murals are better than ever!

See how gorg it can be from these inspirational customer photos.  Read more >>

Customer Photos: Old Brick Wallpaper

Do you hate BORING stock photos when you’re shopping online?

Mine are pretty brutal, too.  I’ll admit it!

See how this red brick wallpaper looks in real customer’s homes.  Read more >>

Customer Photos: Peeling Paint Brick Wallpaper

Do you like the thought of this industrial brick wallpaper…but feel like it might be too industrial for you?

It’s def not for everybody.  Those who like it, LOVE it (I’m in that category, but I’m totally biased)!

I spend hours every month asking for client pics so that you can get a feel for how it looks in other spaces.  Read more >>

I made this video so you can see how easy it is to hang my pre-pasted, removable wallpaper murals.

So easy!

How to remove wallpaper when you’re done with it

Are you worried you’ll spend hours removing my wallpaper when you’re ready to take it down?  Even worse, are you worried you’ll ruin the wall underneath (maybe pulling the paint right off)?

Great news…I only sell removable wallpaper that comes down in minutes!

Check out my video! 

Hey! I’m Adrienne. It’s nice to e-meet you!

How do you really know who you’re buying from online?  There are thousands of faceless e-shops out there and it makes me soooo nervous when I’m shopping online.

I thought I’d introduce myself so you’d know who I am and how I started my biz.  Read more >>