18 January 2022

When looking for the best removable wallpaper, most people think of peel of stick wallpaper.  It makes sense – it’s easy to pull off the wall and leaves no damage.  But did you know there is another type of temporary wallpaper available?  This latest technology is called non-woven wallpaper and offers the same (plus more!) benefits as peel and stick.

When you’re ready for a new design, it peels right off the wall with no water, chemical gels or tools.  Just pull it off dry!

Here are some frequently asked questions about our removable wallpaper.

How Does Removable Wallpaper Work?

Our non-woven wallpaper is made with a combination of renewable FSC wood pulp mixed with polyester fibres.  This combo creates a durable, heavy duty wallpaper that is tear-resistant.  When you’re ready for a new design, you can pull the wallpaper panels off in one piece.  It won’t stretch like some vinyl peel and stick wallpaper.

Does Removable Wallpaper Damage Paint or Walls?

Our removable wall murals won’t damage your paint, walls or sheetrock if they’re installed over a properly prepared surface like:

  • Latex paint that has dried/cured for at least 30 days
  • Oil based primer that has dried/cured for at least 3 days
  • Zinsser BIN Laquer Sealer that has dried for at least 1 hour

If you’re wondering, “why does wallpaper damage walls?” it’s because the wall wasn’t prepped properly.   Just like peel and stick wallpaper, if non-woven wallpaper is installed before paint is fully cured, the adhesive can fuse with the uncured paint.  If this happens, removing your wallpaper later may remove the top layer of the paint and wall.

How Long Does Removable Wallpaper Last?

Our peel off wallpaper stays on the wall for as long as you want it up, unlike some cheap peel and stick wallpaper which can fall off weeks, months or years after you hang it.

How to Hang Removable Wallpaper

If you’re wondering how to apply removable wallpaper, ours is one of the easiest to hang!  Since it’s prepasted (meaning the paste is already on the back of the paper), you can slide the panels on the wall until you effortlessly match the pattern up at the seam.  This is unlike peel and stick wallpaper, where you have to match the pattern up perfectly the first time or peel it off and try again.  Cheaper peel and stick eventually loses its adhesive with multiple hanging attempts.

We even made a How To Hang Video Tutorial to help you along!

How to Remove Wallpaper

Unlike traditional wallpaper, you do not need any tools, chemical gels or steamers.  Simply peel each panel off the wall.  If any paste residue is left on the wall, it easily wipes off with a sponge and water.

Here’s a How To Remove Video Tutorial to help you along!

Can You Reuse Removable Wallpaper?

Yes, our wallpaper murals are also reusable.  Once you take the panels off the wall, simply dunk them in water to make them supple again.  Use a roller to apply wallpaper paste to the wall, and reapply the panels.  There is no backing needed to store the panels like with peel and stick – just roll them up together and store them in a plastic bag or box.

How Much is Removable Wallpaper?

The cost of our temporary wallpaper varies depending on the size of the wall mural you need.  Find pricing for each design in our shop or join our newsletter for sale alerts!

Non-Toxic Removable Wallpaper

Since there is no PVC like in peel and stick, it’s non-toxic, eco-friendly and won’t harm your air quality.

Can You Use Removable Wallpaper in a Bathroom?

Yes, our non-woven wallpaper absorbs and then releases moisture making it mold and mildew-proof.  Lots of vinyl peel and stick wallpaper traps moisture between the outer layer of the paper and the wall, creating the perfect environment for mold and mildew.

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