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Space Mural Ideas as seen on Cityline

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From awe-inspiring to supernatural to just plain cute…if you’re looking for a space mural, you’ll find 9 incredible removable wallpaper ideas below.

Watch them featured on Cityline and learn a few DIY tricks to help you get them up in your outer space room quickly and easily.

Watch The Night Sky Mural on Cityline

I hung this Night Sky Mural for celebrity designer, Christian Dare, and Cityline host, Tracy Moore.  Watch how he uses it as a backdrop for a moon light soiree.

Night Sky Mural features moonlit clouds floating past twinkling stars. Easy wallpaper sold by AboutMurals.ca.
Tracy Moore and Adrienne of AboutMurals.ca standing in front of Moon and Stars Wallpaper on Cityline

I always imagine this totally dreamy night sky mural in a baby nursery, but it looks just as impressive in a home bar like Christian Dare styles.

Easier than painting a DIY night sky wall, you can hang this wallpaper in a couple of hours and remove it in minutes, with no damage to the paint or walls underneath.

Watch The Alien Mural on Cityline

Watch TV personality, Leigh-Ann Allaire Perrault, and host, Tracy Moore, talk about my alien wall mural as the inspiration for their Halloween costumes on this episode of Cityline.

An alien mural on set at Cityline for their Halloween episode, by AboutMurals.ca
A closeup of an alien mural from AboutMurals.ca

This alien mural is made from a super crisp, clear, high resolution illustration reminiscent of Area 51 or the X Files with the extra-terrestrial specimen floating in a laboratory jar.  It’s enough to make your arm hair stand up.

Cue spine shivers.


Spaceship Wall Mural

A spaceship interior from a space wall mural on set at Cityline. Spaceship mural from AboutMurals.ca

Also installed on set at Cityline, the black cockpit of the ominous spaceship wall mural looks out over a star dotted galaxy.  It’s perfect for creating a spaceship interior where your imagination can take you on an interstellar journey.

You, your kids and pets will breathe easy since all my wallpaper is eco-friendly and non-toxic.  There is no smelly vinyl in the paper, no toxic VOCs in the ink and the paste is all water-based.

Space Mural

Your mission will be complete once you decorate your space bedroom with this removable wallpaper.  The planets almost glow among the sparkling stars in the depth of a black galaxy in this space themed wall mural.

Galaxy Mural

A space mural featuring the Orion Nebula is the backdrop to a living room's white chaise. AboutMurals.ca

This space mural is a little more grown up and looks surreal in a living room, dining room or bedroom.  The photo mural is created with NASA’s image of the Orion Nebula, taken almost 1500 light years away in the Milky Way.

The wallpaper is manufactured in the USA and printed in Canada, so even though the image is taken from outer space, you’re shopping and supporting your North American economy.

Nebula Mural

A nebula mural featuring NGC7293 in a dining room. Space mural from AboutMurals.ca

This Helix Nebula mural is also made with a NASA supplied image and brings the cosmos into your home.  This Nebula is 695 light years away and is also known as the Eye of God because of its stunning look.

Since you can wipe all of my wallpaper down with a damp cloth, it’s perfect to use in a dining room or kitchen.  So go ahead and dig into that roast or steamy bowl of crock-pot soup and don’t worry too much about splatters.

UFO Mural

A UFO mural featuring spaceships and flying saucers in a kids bedroom. Space mural from AboutMurals.ca

This UFO mural is more youthful than the other outer space wall murals and is perfect for small kids because it’s removable.  Created from an original painting, it’ll sweep your toddler away on a galactic adventure soaring in a space shuttle next to flying saucers.  They’ll explore new planets as a newly appointed astronaut.

As your mini grows out of his space themed bedroom, just pull the wallpaper panels off the wall to redecorate.  It comes off in minutes with no damage to the walls.

Kids Space Room

Space Mural for Kids features spaceships hovering over an alien city as seen in this purple bedroom, from AboutMurals.ca

This space themed room will have kids imaginations soaring.  Between the UFOs, spaceships and intergalactic city in this wallpaper, there’s so much to look at.  It’ll keep your children busy for hours.

Earth Mural

An earth mural seen in a bedroom features a view of the planet from space. Space mural from AboutMurals.ca

This one is for the future astronauts, environment lovers and travellers of the world.  This earth mural is a round die cut wallpaper of the earth, seen from outer space.

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