Closet Wallpaper in Cityline Studio

13 September 2021

Adding closet wallpaper to your home, like this industrial brick wallpaper I installed in the Cityline studio refresh (or any of the other designs available in my shop) adds big impact to small spaces! Keep scrolling to watch the [...]

Wallpaper Installer for Oakville Designer, Jackie Glass, on Cityline

2 June 2021

As a wallpaper installer in Oakville and the surrounding Toronto area, celebrity designer Jackie Glass called on me for her latest Cityline project.  Watch how she transforms a tiny condo apartment into a space that looks totally custom [...]

Faux Stone Wallpaper

24 February 2020

Watch as I reveal this warm, faux stone wallpaper in my client’s dining room. You’ll see how real it looks as I take you for a close-up view and explain the unique process used to create one [...]

How To Hang Prepasted Wallpaper

3 December 2019

Watch this video to learn how to hang prepasted wallpaper from professional wallpaper installer, Adrienne.  It teaches you the best way to install wallpaper quickly. Your friends will think you hired a pro – even if you’re a [...]

Removable Brick Wallpaper on Cityline

18 September 2019

I worked with Cityline to hang my removable brick wallpaper on their mini wall for several celebrity designers to use.  Watch my grey brick wallpaper on three separate episodes to see how the experts decorate it and get [...]

Gray Brick Wallpaper on Cityline

16 September 2019

Celebrity designer, Brian Gluckstein, features my gray brick wallpaper on this episode of Cityline.  He uses mix match interior design as inspiration to create an elevated look.  See the episode and learn how you can get this [...]

Stone Wallpaper | Customer Photos

9 January 2019

This stone wallpaper is so freaking amazing.  It creates a bold, rugged feeling that immediately adds a moodiness to your room.  Watch it featured on Cityline with celebrity designers, Colin and Justin, and then see how it [...]

Custom Wallpaper Featured in the Toronto Sun

10 December 2018

Looking for custom wallpaper in Toronto for your walls?  Read this article in the Toronto Sun featuring a bespoke wallpaper I created for celebrity designers, Colin and Justin.  Keep scrolling to learn how to make custom wallpaper [...]

White Brick Wallpaper on Cityline

21 June 2018

Celebrity designer, Brian Gluckstein, uses this white brick wallpaper to create a veranda oasis on Cityline.  Watch the episode and learn how to recreate this modern traditional design inside your own home. See the White Brick Wallpaper on [...]