• An airy grey brick wallpaper is the backdrop on set at Cityline with Tracy Moore and Christian Dare. Removable wallpaper from AboutMurals.ca

Removable Brick Wallpaper on Cityline

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I worked with Cityline to hang my removable brick wallpaper on their mini wall for several celebrity designers to use.  Watch my grey brick wallpaper on three separate episodes to see how the experts decorate it, so you can get ideas for your own home!

Watch Colin and Justin talk about the soft feeling it creates

Colin and Justin start their segment by featuring my Barn Wood wallpaper and then talk about creating a soft, chalky feeling to a room using my removable brick wallpaper (around 4:25).

It’s a removable brick wallpaper

The experts at Cityline are always building sets and then tearing them down after taping finishes.  They love using my wallpaper murals because they’re all removable, so they can quickly redecorate for the next show.

Clients love it too, because they know their walls won’t get damaged and they only have to spend a couple minutes peeling the panels off.

I made a How-To Remove Video to show you how easy it comes off.

Watch How-To Remove Video!

You can hang artwork over this faux brick wallpaper

A removable brick wallpaper used on set at Cityline, by AboutMurals.ca

Colin and Justin hang a rustic wooden piece of art right over the removable brick wallpaper using a nail (you can do this at home, too) and pair it with other galvanized metal décor and a soft area rug.

Watch how Christian Dare uses the brick mural as a backdrop

Christian Dare uses the grey brick wallpaper as a backdrop to hang custom art that doubles as a clutter buster (around 6:15).

It’s strong and durable

Christian Dare and Tracy Moore stand in front of a removable brick wallpaper from AboutMurals.ca on set at Cityline

The paper in all of my wallpaper murals is made from a combination of sustainable wood pulp and polyester fibres, making it super strong and durable.

Christian uses Velcro strips to hang his artwork over the removable brick wallpaper, but the wall had to be in good condition for the next expert to decorate.  You can be sure if these celebs are using Velcro strips, 3M hangers and nails (and then removing them), these wallpaper murals will also stand up in your own home.

Buy This Wallpaper Now!

Watch Wendy Russell talk about budget friendly wall art

Watch Wendy’s tips on how to decorate with budget friendly wall art around 2:56.

The wallpaper that’s reusable and budget friendly!

Wendy Russell and Tracy Moore talk about budget friendly art over a removable brick wallpaper from AboutMurals.ca

Wendy talks about ways to decorate on a tight budget, so I thought I’d share a budget-friendly fact about all of my wallpaper murals – they’re reusable!

Since this is removable brick wallpaper, you just carefully peel it off the wall and then it’s ready to be reused!

So if you’re moving and want to take your mural with you or if you’re just ready for a new look and want to gift your mural to a friend or charity, you can.

Easy to hang wallpaper

Adrienne of AboutMurals.ca hangs a removable brick wallpaper on set at Cityline

I always hang my wallpaper murals for the TV personalities on Cityline.   I love to offer my installation services to all clients in the greater Hamilton / Toronto areas, but for all you DIYers out there, I also made a How-To Hang video to walk you through the process step-by-step.  Easy peasy!

This brick mural has no repeat pattern like most wallpaper

A gray brick wallpaper sold by AboutMurals.ca

Most brick wallpaper out there has a repeat pattern that you match up at the seams.  This can leave a diagonal pattern running down your wall, almost looking like stairs.  Your eyes will be drawn to it making the brick look fake.

Since my removable brick wallpaper is a high resolution photograph of a real brick wall, there is no repeat pattern.  It looks like a real brick wall.

Crisp and clear photography makes it look real

The brick wallpaper I sell is super crisp and clear because it’s a high resolution image of 450 MegaPixels (versus most competitor’s at 25-35 MegaPixels).  The photo captures all the aged character of the brick like the cracks and gritty mortar.

But how does the photographer do this?

He takes 74 close-up photos (using a high resolution setting on his camera) of segments of a real brick wall and then stitches them all together in Photoshop.

No complicated measurement calculations – just buy the size you need

Since this is a wallpaper MURAL of a real brick wall, and not regular wallpaper with a repeat pattern, you don’t have to make all those complicated calculations of how many rolls you need.  Just measure your wall and buy the size that you need.

I used a 6’W x 8’H size for the mini wall on set at Cityline, but this design comes in lots of sizes – even up to 36’W!

My brick murals are sold in different colours and designs!

All of my removable brick wallpaper is created with the same high resolution type of images and printed on durable wallpaper.  Here are just a few designs available to buy in my online shop:

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