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If you’re hunting for the cutest kids jungle wallpaper, your adventure stops here!  Children adore the animals in this jungle mural – just see how other parents use it in their own kids bedrooms and playrooms.

Kids Jungle Wallpaper

A kids jungle wallpaper sold by AboutMurals.ca features animals like a lion, giraffe, hippopotamus, panther, monkey and birds in a jungle.

Kids will spend hours of imaginative play with the animals in this jungle wall mural.  This kids jungle wallpaper is made from an illustration of a lovable giraffe, lion, cheetah, panther, monkey, hippo and tropical birds.

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Closeup of the Jungle Mural

A close-up photo of a panther in a kids jungle wallpaper sold by AboutMurals.ca

This mural is an illustration, rather than a painting, so you won’t see any brush strokes in this kids animal wallpaper.

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Removable Wallpaper

A kids jungle wallpaper in a child's bedroom, sold by AboutMurals.ca

Although this jungle themed kids room is delightful, your toddler will outgrow the design one day.  Parents rejoice because the jungle mural is printed on removable wallpaper!

It’s so durable that you can reuse it (so take it with you if you move or gift it to a friend) but it’ll never fall off the wall, even years later.

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Easy to Hang Wallpaper

A kids jungle wallpaper found in a playroom, sold by AboutMurals.ca

You won’t need to spend days decorating your jungle theme playroom because this prepasted wallpaper is easy to hang!  Never worry about the scary processes called ‘booking’ or ‘double cutting seams.’

If you’re not the DIY type, I offer installation services for anyone in the Hamilton or Toronto areas (Southern Ontario).  Not local?  Check out the Wallcovering Installers Association for a pro near you!

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Lots of Sizes Available

A kids jungle wallpaper sits behind a jeep bed in a boy's room, sold by AboutMurals.ca

You can either hang this kids jungle wallpaper to fit the entire width of the wall, or buy one that is more narrow and centre it on the wall (like this customer did).

If you’re wondering, “how do sizes work for a wallpaper mural?” I created a video while on-set at Cityline to explain.

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Washable Wallpaper

If you’re thinking of a jungle theme room, you definitely wanna venture towards something you can wipe down.  Think sticky fingers, splatters, etc.

Just use a damp cloth to wipe down your jungle mural wallpaper.

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Grade A Fire Rated

A kids jungle wallpaper found in a dentist office, sold by AboutMurals.ca

This kids jungle mural is perfect for commercial spaces and other rooms that need to be fire rated, because it’s Grade A Rated.  It really is a sweet design that’s perfect for small businesses like this dentist office all the way to a jungle theme nursery.

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Wallpaper Samples Available

Samples available of this kids jungle wallpaper, sold by AboutMurals.ca

Not sure if the colours will match?  Need to feel the quality and texture of the wallpaper?  Wanna test that it’s actually removable?

Buy a wallpaper sample to ease your mind!

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