About Adrienne Scanlan

Hey, I'm Adrienne! I'll teach you how to hang wallpaper and create your own unique walls (that you simply can't get from the big box stores) as I decorate TV sets, local businesses and customer's homes with our eco-friendly wallpaper murals.

Eco Wallpaper

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Eco wallpaper made easy!  We know you spend hours sourcing non-toxic products, reading labels and requesting spec sheets. You Google impossible to pronounce ingredients for everything from food, cleaning products and cosmetics to home decor products and accessories. We've [...]

Faux Wood Wallpaper on Cityline

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Faux wood wallpaper creates rustic feeling walls and celebrity designer, Sharon Grech, shares how to get the look on this episode of Cityline.  Removable wood wallpaper is perfect for condo dwellers or anyone who doesn’t want to permanently install [...]