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Create an oceanview room for your kids with an underwater mural!  This cute under the sea wallpaper adds a splash of fun to your children’s playroom, bedroom and nursery walls.

Underwater Mural That’s Easy to Hang

An underwater mural that's perfect for kids, sold by AboutMurals.ca

This kids fish wallpaper is easy to hang, so DIYers rejoice!  Just dip each wallpaper panel into warm water to activate the paste on the back and place it on the wall.  Easy peasy!

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Closeup of the Fish Wallpaper

A close up photo of an underwater mural, sold by AboutMurals.ca

Your children will love exploring the underwater mural and all of its illustrated dolphins, turtles, sharks, fish and coral.  They’ll imagine hunting for sunken treasure or diving in a submarine, keeping them daydreaming for hours.

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Removable Wallpaper

When your kids outgrow this fish mural, just peel the removable wallpaper off the wall with no damage to the paint or sheetrock underneath!  The under the sea wallpaper is so sturdy, it’ll stay on the wall for years without falling off and it’s even reusable!  Just watch what celebrity designers Colin & Justin have to say about it.

See all sizes & prices available.

Wallpaper Samples Available

Grab a sample of this underwater mural from AboutMurals.ca

You can buy a wallpaper sample of this underwater mural to see if the colours match your decor or to feel the quality of the paper.  The sample is printed on real prepasted wallpaper, so you can even try to hang it on a wall to see how it looks.

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