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Are you looking for a tea party mural for your sweet little one?  I have a wallpaper mural that my 5-year old daughter squeals at every time it pops up on my screen.

The problem is you can’t always imagine it in your own space, right?

That’s why I spend hours every month getting photos of my murals in real homes, so you can see it in different spaces.

Scroll down for some inspo and check back often as I add new photos!

Tea Party Mural

A tea party mural featuring princess dolls having a picnic on castle grounds, sold by AboutMurals.ca

When this tea party mural is hung on the wall, it actually looks like a real painting…but it can be hard to see ALL the detail in customer photos because there’s sometimes furniture covering the wallpaper.

Here’s the mural without furniture with its sweet dolls, majestic castle and pretty princess dress all surrounded by a flower garden.

Created from a Real Painting

A close-up of a doll at a tea party mural, sold by AboutMurals.ca

This tea party mural was painted by an artist on canvas, then scanned using a super high quality, high res scanner that even captures the brush strokes and texture of the canvas.

So once the wallpaper is hung, it truly looks like a hand-painted mural!

So Easy to Hang…It’s Child’s Play!

A little girl stands in front of a tea party mural sold by AboutMurals.ca

My wallpaper murals are so easy to hang, that most customers DIY it.  I even made a How-To Hang Video for you guys!

Some wallpaper murals out there are so wide you need two people to hang them (can you say “divorce?”).  Since the panels are only 18” wide, you can hang mine with just one person.

However, if you’re not the DIY type, I do offer installation services in the Greater Hamilton and Toronto area.  If you’re further away, check out the Wallcovering Installers Association.

Removable Wallpaper (You’re Not Married to it!)

A tea party mural is the backdrop to a homework area in a girl's bedroom. Sold by AboutMurals.ca.

So your little girl is totally into princesses and tea parties right now…but in 5 years she might be more into boy bands (that definitely won’t happen to my baby girl, right?  RIGHT?  *cringe*).

The great thing with my wallpaper murals are that they’re REMOVABLE!

Don’t believe me?  I made a How-To Remove video for you so you can see how easy it comes off the wall.

Shop More Princess Wallpaper

Still not sure?  Order a sample!

A wallpaper sample of a tea party mural sold by AboutMurals.ca

Not sure if the colours will match your décor?  Need to feel the quality and texture of the paper?  Wanna see just how removable it is?

Buy a sample of this tea party mural and test it out.

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Adrienne is the owner and founder of About Murals. Her work has been featured on Cityline, HGTV, The DIY Network, CTV Life and The Toronto Sun. She enjoys writing about trends in wallpaper murals and creating videos teaching DIYers how to hang wallpaper. You can reach her at adrienne@aboutmurals.ca.

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