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Faux Stone Wallpaper

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Watch as I reveal this warm, faux stone wallpaper in my client’s dining room. You’ll see how real it looks as I take you for a close-up view and explain the unique process used to create one of the most crisp, clear designs on the market.

Watch the Faux Stone Wallpaper Reveal

Watch and I’ll explain why this faux stone wallpaper looks so real and learn how easy it is to hang.

Realistic Stone Wallpaper

Stone Effect Wallpaper around a Fireplace from AboutMurals.ca

This stone look wallpaper is made from a super high resolution photo of a real stone wall that’s a whopping 700 megapixels.  As a comparison, many competitor’s images are only 25-30 megapixels.

And yes, you can use this stone effect wallpaper around a fireplace!

Textured Look on a Smooth Wallpaper

3D Stone Wallpaper Close-up View from AboutMurals.ca

My client’s toddler actually asked if he could climb the wall when he first saw it.  Although it looks textured, this faux stone wallpaper actually has a smooth, matte finish.

Since there’s no actual texture on the wallpaper, it doesn’t gather dust.  The bonus?  You can wipe it down with a damp cloth!

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How Many Rolls of Wallpaper Do You Need?

Faux Stone Wallpaper, as seen in this dining room, features a wall of rugged brown rocks. Buy easy wallpaper on AboutMurals.ca.

This is a trick question.  You don’t need to make those complicated calculations to figure out how much wallpaper you need when you buy from my website.  Watch and learn how wallpaper mural sizes work!

Just measure your wall and then pick the wallpaper size that fits the best.  There are several sizes to choose from!

Easy to Hang

Learn how to hang this Faux Stone Wallpaper from Adrienne of AboutMurals.ca.

This stone mural hangs in just a couple of hours.  Watch my installation video and you’ll see that you can gently slide the wallpaper around on the wall for a couple minutes, so it’s easy to match the pattern up at the seams.

The panels are only 18” wide, so they’re totally manageable and the paper is really durable, so it won’t rip while you’re hanging it.

Removable Wallpaper

Stone Wallpaper Dining Room from AboutMurals.ca

When you’re ready for a new look, just pull this faux stone wallpaper right off the walls – even twenty years later!  The removable wallpaper peels off in minutes and won’t damage the paint or sheetrock underneath.

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