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Stone Wallpaper | Customer Photos

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This stone wallpaper is so freaking amazing.  It creates a bold, rugged feeling that immediately adds a moodiness to your room.  Watch it featured on Cityline with celebrity designers, Colin and Justin, and then see how it looks on real customer’s walls – from bedrooms to educational centres.

And DIYers, take pride…you’ll also learn how to hang wallpaper (maybe even better than a pro!).  Keep scrolling!

Watch it on Cityline

Hear Colin and Justin talk about the texture of my stone look wallpaper (around 0:38) and the feeling it can create.

Easy to Hang

Adrienne of AboutMurals.ca stands with Colin and Justin on set at Cityline

My wallpaper murals are MADE for you DIYers!  Just follow my step-by-step How To Hang Video Tutorial and I’ll teach you how.

You’ll change the look of your room in just an afternoon and it’s the easiest wallpaper to hang (in my opinion, of course).  Why?

  • My wallpaper is prepasted, so don’t worry about putting glue on the wall or wallpaper. No mess, no fuss, no “Booking.”
  • The panels slide around for several minutes, so you can easily match the pattern at the seams.
  • Each panel is 18” wide, so you only need one person to hang (even though it’s more fun getting your bestie involved).
  • The seams are invisible after they dry, so don’t worry about “Double Cutting.”  Never heard of it?  Google it.  Eek!

Or Hire an Installer

If you have your hands full with the reno and need a little help, you can always hire a pro.

I offer installation services in the greater Hamilton / Toronto areas (Canada).  The experts at Cityline trust me to hang wallpaper because they know I pay attention to the small details, making their sets TV worthy.  I offer the same level of service to all my clients.

If you’re live elsewhere, you can find a professional at the Wallcovering Installers Association.

Removable Wallpaper

Colin and Justin stand with Adrienne of AboutMurals.ca in front of a stone wallpaper they used on set at Cityline

The experts at Cityline, like Colin and Justin, trust my wallpaper because they know it’s fully removable.  The wall on set must be “stripped” after each show so the next celebrity designer can do their thang.  They don’t have time to pull out gel removers, scrapers or fancy tools to remove wallpaper.

They simply pull each panel off and they have a fresh wall in minutes.  There is no damage to the wall or paint underneath.

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Creates Pinterest Worthy Rooms

A stone wallpaper in a bedroom, sold by AboutMurals.ca

Go on…Pin It!  You know you want to!

Equally important to effortlessly hanging a mural, is the look it creates.  And really, how do you get much better than this bedroom?  It’s totally Pinterest worthy, right?

Pairs Well with Rustic Wooden Furniture

A stone wallpaper from AboutMurals.ca on set at Cityline
A faux stone wallpaper against a rustic wood shelf

This faux stone mural is a very versatile design.  It pairs just as well with industrial metal as it does with warm, rustic wood furniture.  There are hints of blue, purple and yellow throughout the grey fieldstone, so pick the hue you want to highlight and accessorize away!

Eco-Friendly Wallpaper

A stone look wallpaper behind a bench at The Pearl Hummingbird Educational Centre

Many parents are concerned with how toxic products can affect their children’s health.  All of my wallpaper is eco-friendly.  It’s safe to use around kids, whether in your own home or a kid-focused business like The Pearl Hummingbird Educational Centre.

Perfect for Commercial Spaces

Since all my wallpaper murals are Grade A Fire Rated, they’re perfect for commercial spaces like offices, condominiums or retail businesses.

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Available in Lots of Sizes

A stone wallpaper in a living room, sold by AboutMurals.ca

Getting a grey stone wallpaper that has no repeat pattern means you have to buy a mural in a preset size.

If you have a wide wall, finding your size can be tough.  My mural comes in many dimensions, some of them really wide, so you’re sure to find a width that works for you.

No Repeat Pattern Means It Looks Authentic

A stone wallpaper sold by AboutMurals.ca

If you want an authentic looking stone mural, you want to avoid wallpaper with a repeat pattern.  This is where you’d see the same rock repeating on the wall over and over.

My stone wallpaper is made from a high resolution photo of a real stone wall, so it looks realistic when it’s up.  No repeat patterns here!

Realistic Looking Stone Wallpaper

A close-up of a stone wallpaper sold by AboutMurals.ca

The faux stone wallpaper I sell is one of the most realistic designs on the market – you can even see the gravelly, gritty texture of the mortar.


A photographer took 74 small photos of individual sections of a real brick wall using a high resolution setting on his camera, and then stitched each photo back together in Photoshop.  The image that gets printed onto wallpaper is 950 MegaPixels in quality, compared to most of the competition’s images at 25-35 MegaPixels.

Wallpaper Samples Available

Are you the type who needs to feel the paper or see the clarity in person?  You can buy a wallpaper sample so you can see, touch and feel it!

Shop all my Stone Wallpaper

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