7 January 2020

Eco friendly wallpaper is a must if you are sensitive to odours (migraines anyone?), want to reduce the chemicals your kids and pets are exposed to or are concerned with using more sustainable products.

You’ll only find non toxic wallpaper on my website that’re environmentally friendly, so you can breathe easy.

Here are the 7 top “green” benefits you’ll enjoy when you buy your wallpaper from me!

1. VOC Free Wallpaper – Better Air Quality

Birch Tree Wallpaper, as seen on this nursery wall, features tall black and white birch trees in forest. Birch wallpaper from AboutMurals.ca.

Safe to hang in any room…even a baby’s nursery…because there are no VOCs or dangerous chemicals in the printer toner that can affect your air quality. These wall murals are compliant with the US and EU black-list US-C-070928PROPIC-65, and EU Standard EN71-3 (heavy metals).  Yup…that’s heavy duty compliance!

2. Vinyl Free Wallpaper – No Yucky Odours or Chemicals

Gray Brick Wallpaper on Cityline from About Murals

Are you sensitive to certain odours, giving you headaches or migraines?  Vinyl wallpaper can off-gas for years, affecting the air quality in your home.

I made the decision to not sell vinyl wallpaper years ago, not only for my customer’s health, but also mine.  I regularly install my wallpaper on TV sets for celebrity designers like Brian Gluckstein and on customer’s walls.  I want to avoid long term health issues, too, so it’s a win-win for everyone!

3. CPSIA Compliant – Child Friendly Wallpaper

My Tree House Wall Mural, as seen in this Indoor Play Centre, features kids playing in a treehouse. Kids wallpaper sold by AboutMurals.ca.

Whether you’re decorating your indoor play centre, like Playville, or your baby’s nursery, you can be sure the eco friendly wallpaper I sell is safe for your kids.  They are CPSIA compliant which looks at things like lead, phthalates, durable infant or toddler products and making sure all children’s products comply with all safety rules.

4. Recyclable AND Reusable Wallpaper – Just Watch Colin & Justin!

Not only are all these wallpaper murals 100% recyclable, they are also removable AND reusable!  Just watch celebrity designers, Colin and Justin, talk about my sustainable wallcoverings on an episode of Cityline (around 2:11).

So if you move and want to take your mural with you…or just get tired of the look and want to donate the wallpaper to a charity or gift it to a friend…just peel it off and reapply!  You’ll keep our landfills happy and your wallet, too.

5. FSC Wallpaper – Keeping our Forests Healthy

Eco-Friendly Wallpaper from About Murals

All of my earth friendly wallpaper, like the Birch Tree Forest Mural I installed at Jamieson Vitamins, is printed on FSC certified paper made with renewable wood pulp.  This helps to keep our forests healthy for generations to come.

6. Moisture Resistant Wallpaper – No Mildew or Bacteria Growth!

Autumn is Here Wall Mural Black and White in a grey bathroom, sold by AboutMurals.ca

The wallpaper murals I sell are all mildew and bacteria resistant because they absorb and then release moisture, making them perfect for high humidity areas.

The paste on the back of the wallpaper is also water-based, so there’s no foul odour and is eco-friendly.

7. Reduced Carbon Footprint – Kinder to our Earth

An earth mural seen in a bedroom features a view of the planet from space from About Murals

The wallpaper itself is manufactured in the USA and the designs are printed in Canada so there is less of a carbon footprint, versus buying from manufacturers overseas.

Plus the printer toner is made with 100% green energy, reducing the carbon footprint even further.

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About the Author: 

Adrienne is the owner and founder of About Murals. Her work has been featured on Cityline, HGTV, The DIY Network, CTV Life and The Toronto Sun. She enjoys writing about trends in wallpaper murals and creating videos teaching DIYers how to hang wallpaper. You can reach her at adrienne@aboutmurals.ca.

2 thoughts on “7 Benefits of Eco Friendly Wallpaper

  1. Hi Adrienne.
    I have old wallpaper that still looks great, however, the seams are not lying flat. They appear to look rolled. I was wondering if you could recommend any decorative self adhesive seam tape or anything else that you could to just place over the seams. Could you use the same wallpaper and make seam strips to paste over the existing seams. I don’t want to remove the paper. I just want to cover the existing seams and make this process simple. HELP1

    1. Hi Charlene! It might be best to repair the seams with seam repair glue and a damp sponge. If you have photos of the seams, I may be able to give you some feedback.

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