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This Old Barn Wallpaper creates a natural warmth that celebrity designers, Colin and Justin, just luurve – especially if you’re looking for a wallpaper that’s easy to hang and remove.  Read the full story in their Toronto Sun article!

Wood Wallpaper in the Toronto Sun

An old barn wallpaper, sold by About Murals, is featured in the Toronto Sun newspaper.

In the Toronto Sun article, design duo Colin and Justin explain that using a faux wood wallpaper is perfect if you rent or just don’t want the hassle of installing real wood.  All of my wood wallpaper is easy to hang using this installation video.

Old Barn Wallpaper

Old Barn Wallpaper, as seen in the Toronto Sun, features the side of an aged wooden barn on top of a stone foundation. Wood wallpaper sold by AboutMurals.ca.

You can almost smell the sweet country air when you look at this barn wall mural.  The wooden planks atop a stone foundation create a rustic room.

This mural is printed onto eco-friendly wallpaper that won’t harm your family’s air quality.  There are no harmful VOCs in the printer ink, no toxic vinyl in the paper and it’s fully recyclable.

Removable Wallpaper

As mentioned in the article, this removable wallpaper peels off walls when you’re done with it and is even reusable!  You don’t need gel removers, scraping tools or water.  Just pull it off with no damage to the paint or sheetrock underneath, even ten years later.

The boys suggest this is the perfect idea to create a cozy living room if you rent or don’t want the hassle of installing a real timber wall.

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