• White Brick Wallpaper on Cityline with Brian Gluckstein

White Brick Wallpaper on Cityline with Brian Gluckstein

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Did you see my white brick wallpaper on Cityline?  I hung it for Brian Gluckstein’s veranda oasis set.

I thought I’d share some behind the scenes pics (cause who doesn’t love them?), but first…in case you missed it:

See the white brick wallpaper on Cityline:

Here’s the white brick wallpaper on Cityline…with no repeat pattern!

A white brick wallpaper used on the set of Cityline by Brian Gluckstein

Here’s the white brick wallpaper that I provided for Brian Gluckstein to use for his Cityline segment.

Notice that your eye doesn’t see a pattern in the bricks over and over?  That’s called a repeat pattern and is normal for regular wallpaper.  Since mine is actually a wallpaper MURAL, mine doesn’t have a repeating pattern so it looks super realistic.

Why?  The photographer takes 72 individual, small photos of a real brick wall and stitches them together in Photoshop.  This creates a crisp, clear and realistic looking wallpaper mural.

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It’s easy to hang…just watch my time lapse video!

Hanging my wallpaper murals is super easy.  I even made a how-to video for my DIYers out there!

But if you’re in Southern Ontario and don’t want to hang it, I also offer installation services.

For anyone further away, check out the Wallcovering Installers Association.

The white brick wallpaper with wet seams

Adrienne of AboutMurals.ca stands in front of a white brick wallpaper on Cityline

Can you see the wallpaper seams a bit in the photo?  This is normal while the wallpaper is still drying.  But once it dries, the seams become virtually invisible.

That’s one of the best things about my wallpaper murals – you don’t have to worry about the scary process called Double Cutting (google it – eek!).  My wallpaper seams overlap and you can’t see them.  Just look at the photos below to see what I mean.

Check out the white brick wallpaper on Cityline…to scale

A white brick wallpaper on Cityline, supplied and hung by Adrienne of AboutMurals.ca

How big are the bricks, really…right?

I know it can be tough imagining the scale of a wallpaper when you’re shopping online.

Well…here ya go!  You can see the size of the bricks in relation to a standard sized door and light fixtures.  They’re very realistic looking.

And totally invisible seams.  Yay!

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Some behind the scenes photos!

Not only did I hang the white brick wallpaper on Cityline for Brian, but I also got to sit in the audience and watch him work his magic the next day.  So fun!  Did you see me in the audience?

Here are some pics:

It’s green (the eco-friendly kind, I mean)

Brian Gluckstein in front of white brick wallpaper on Cityline, supplied and hung by AboutMurals.ca

You can see how he decorated his veranda oasis – very classic and clean.  The perfect space to sit and sip a crisp, healthy green drink on a warm day (he shares his green drink recipe on the episode…yum!).

And speaking of green…all my wallpaper murals are eco-friendly.  A.K.A. they won’t affect the air quality in your home.  So they’re safe for you, your kids and your pets.

And completely removable!

A white brick wallpaper on Cityline with Brian Gluckstein, Tracy Moore and Colin McAllister

And just think…this wall will be torn down and turned into something new for the next episode.

Thankfully all my wallpaper murals are removable, so the designers will literally just pull it off.  That makes them perfect for your space too!  When you’re ready for a new design, just pull off and redecorate.

Brian Gluckstein and Adrienne of AboutMurals.ca

And one of me NOT in my overalls (which is rare)!

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Great service and wonderful finished product. Highly recommend the talented owner, Adrienne
AmandaRic Judson
AmandaRic Judson
04:49 19 Jul 18
Everything was fabulous from the beginning to the end! My son loved his mural and we couldn't believe how great his Blue Jay symbol looked on his newly painted wall! I'd call About Murals again and I've recommend this company to friends and family. I felt so comfortable that I was away for the day while my son's wall was being painted! So happy!
Stacey Davis
Stacey Davis
03:45 28 Mar 17
Adrienne was amazing. Her attention to detail is second to none and her professionalism cannot be matched. Our 3-D treehouse mural turned out better than my expectations and will provide so many memories for our three daughters over the coming years. We are so happy that she was able to create this special space for our family - and we look forward to decorating our 'tree' throughout the changing seasons! Thank you so much to About Murals for this creative addition to our home!
Lindsey Sneyd
Lindsey Sneyd
22:50 18 Aug 17
I couldn't be happier with my About Mural purchase! Adrienne from About Murals was very helpful in answering all of my questions. The ordering process coupled with great customer service and easy application made for a great first time mural user experience. I purchased a mural for a wall in my business. My clients and I love it! Thank you About Mural for making my vision come to life :) Four Paws Rehab & Fitness
Janine Ross
Janine Ross
14:46 14 Apr 17
From my first inquiry to the final finish, Adrienne was so helpful. The Mural arrived quickly to Australia and was easy to install. The final result looks fantastic. My son loves his room now. Thankyou Adrienne.
01:13 27 Apr 17
We absolutely love our mural! We couldn't have asked for better customer service, too. It was easy to reach Adrienne, and anytime I needed to ask her a question, if she wasn't immediately available, she got back to us in a timely manner. We wanted our mural, which was in color, to be printed in black and white, and Adrienne said it was no problem to do so. She followed up with us to make sure we received our shipment without problems, and called at a later date to see how the installation went. Putting up the mural was easy, and watching the installation video helped greatly. I would highly recommend Adrienne and About Murals for anyone interested in adding a unique focal point or accent to their home.
Sandi Smith
Sandi Smith
18:47 01 Jul 17

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