• Barnwood wallpaper, used by Colin and Justin on Cityline, from AboutMurals.ca

Barnwood Wallpaper on Cityline with Colin and Justin

Did you see my barnwood wallpaper on Cityline today?  Colin and Justin made a retro 50s feeling room – using my mural to add a splash of rustic, making a modern twist for 2018.

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Here’s the barnwood wallpaper on Cityline that Colin and Justin used

Barnwood wallpaper on Cityline with Colin and Justin, hung by Adrienne of About Murals

Here’s a closeup of the barnwood wallpaper, so you can see all the glorious detail!

You can even order a sample if you need to see the detail in person.

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It’s super easy to hang

Adrienne of About Murals hangs a barnwood wallpaper for Colin and Justin on Cityline

Although I always hang my murals for Colin and Justin’s Cityline segments (yup, that’s me in the overalls!), it’s super easy to do yourself.  I even made a how-to video for all you DIYers out there!

It’s totally removable

The barnwood wallpaper on Cityline used by Colin and Justin to create a rustic 50s revival

And since the sets have to be stripped and re-made the next day for a new episode, the boys are always looking to work with murals that are removable (check out my video on how to remove my wallpaper if you’re curious!)

Did you hear them talk about the removability (is that even a word?!) in the show?  It literally peels off – and they are responsible for that the next day.

It looks totally real

A closeup of the barnwood wallpaper used on Cityline by Colin and Justin

The reason my barnwood wallpaper on Cityline looks so real, is that the talented photographer takes around 74 individual photos of a real barnwood wall and then stitches them together in Photoshop, creating a super high resolution image that looks crisp.

You can see the size of the barnwood slats look lifelike too, in relation to the full sized chairs and fireplace in the pic.

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Some behind the scenes pics of my barnwood wallpaper on Cityline

I always try to get to Toronto to watch Cityline in person when Colin and Justin use my murals.  Then I can share some behind-the-scenes pics of their sets (always so moody and colourful).

Colin and Justin, with Adrienne of About Murals, in front of a barnwood wallpaper featured on Cityline

I snuck a quick pic with the boys on set…

…and a candid one during filming.

And then one by myself (out of my overalls, which doesn’t happen often!)…

Adrienne from AboutMurals.ca with friend, Natalie, in front of her barnwood wallpaper featured on Cityline

…before dragging my friend, Natty, up for a selfie.  Did you catch us in the audience during the show?

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