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Custom Wallpaper Featured in the Toronto Sun

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Looking for custom wallpaper in Toronto for your walls?  It’s easy to find a printer to do this for you, but how do you know you’re going to get a quality product that looks exactly how you want it?  Plus, is it easy to hang AND removable when you’re ready to change things up?

That’s why I’m sharing a Toronto Sun article that features a custom wallpaper I created for Colin and Justin.

Read what they have to say about my custom wallpaper to see if you wanna work with me!

This custom wallpaper in Toronto was originally featured on Cityline

Colin and Justin originally featured the custom wallpaper on Cityline, but also planned to use it for this Toronto Sun article.

See what they had to say about it on Cityline:

The Toronto Sun article

A custom wallpaper, created by AboutMurals.ca, is featured in Colin and Justin's Toronto Sun article

In the article, you’ll see Colin and Justin standing in front of the custom wallpaper.

Colin and Justin standing in front of a custom wallpaper, created by AboutMurals.ca, in a Toronto Sun newspaper article

Here’s a close-up photo of the boys in front of the brick wallpaper with the custom Whisky label over top.

How we made the custom wallpaper

An original brick mural, sold by AboutMurals.ca, was used as a backdrop for Colin and Justin's custom wallpaper

To make this custom wallpaper, I used an in-stock mural I sell called Old Brick Wall Mural.  Then I added the Scotch Whisky label over top.

A stock image of a Scotch Whisky label added to a custom wallpaper created by AboutMurals.ca

Colin and Justin found the Scotch Whisky label graphic on iStock.com

Other ways to make a custom wallpaper

There are four ways you can make a custom wallpaper with me:

  1. Add a graphic over any of my in-stock wallpaper murals.  It can be your business logo, your child’s name or any graphic from iStock (just like Colin and Justin did).
  2. Stock Image. Have any high quality image from iStock turned into a wallpaper mural (like Tracy Moore and the producers of Cityline did for their Halloween Special!)
  3. From your own photo.  An original 35mm photograph, a negative or a super high resolution photo from your digital camera (RAW format is the best).
  4. Your own art.  Have your painting or piece of art scanned in and printed out onto pre-pasted, removable wallpaper (just like I do with my own art, like my candy-inspired mural for kids)

See it before you buy it (by computer screen or with a sample)

A custom wallpaper created for Colin and Justin's Cityline episode and Toronto Sun article, made by AboutMurals.ca

Here’s what the final custom wallpaper looked like.  Since life in the media works fast, the boys just needed to see the final design on the computer before they gave their approval for printing.

BUT, you can also buy a sample of your custom wallpaper if you want to make sure the colours match your décor.

Either way, you’ll get to see your custom wallpaper before you give final approval.

It’s super easy to hang!

Adrienne of AboutMurals.ca, stands with Colin and Justin, in front of a custom wallpaper created for Cityline and the Toronto Sun

I always hang my wallpaper murals for Colin and Justin’s Cityline episodes so they can focus on putting the rest of the set together (yes, that’s me in the overalls!).

However, my wallpaper murals are super easy to hang.  In fact, most of my customers DIY it using my How-To Video (watch below):

It has to be removable…especially for a TV set

Once a Cityline episode has been taped, the next celeb designer needs access to the rolling walls for a new show.

That means they can only work with removable wallpaper.  I made a How-To Video explaining exactly how to remove it when you’re ready to change up your walls:

So what did the boys have to say about my custom wallpaper?

Read what Colin and Justin wrote about the custom wallpaper supplied by AboutMurals.ca in the Toronto Sun

Wanna quote for your custom project?

Just gimme a shout!  I’ll walk you through the whole process and give you a quote to make sure it fits in your budget.

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    I am planning on starting a place of mine where people can come and try different types of whiskey. I need to get a wallpaper that truly depicts what the place is about.

    • Adrienne Scanlan July 3, 2019 at 2:08 pm - Reply

      Hey Greg! A whiskey tasting venue sounds amazing – you must be really excited to get it started! Shoot me a message or gimme a call if you need help creating a custom wallpaper with a whiskey theme.

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