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Stone Wallpaper on Cityline with Colin and Justin

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Have you seen my stone wallpaper on Cityline?  I installed it on set for Colin and Justin as part of their veranda oasis design.  It’s a moody and rustic space perfect for sipping Whisky cocktails.  Watch the episode and see all the behind-the-scenes photos here!

Watch the Cityline episode!

The stone wallpaper on Cityline…with no repeat pattern

A stone wallpaper on Cityline installed by Adrienne of AboutMurals.ca

It can be hard to see all the detail of my wallpaper murals on this episode with all the furniture covering it, so here’s a photo of the stone wallpaper.  There’s no repeat pattern since it’s a photo of a real wall (making it look totally realistic) and it comes in a ton of different sizes.

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It’s super easy to hang!

Did you watch the time lapse video of me hanging my mural?  It’s super easy to hang…I even made a how-to hang video to help all you DIYers!

Or you can hire someone to help you hang it!

Adrienne of AboutMurals.ca hangs a stone wallpaper on Cityline

If you’re a hands-off kind of decorator, you can hire me to hang your wallpaper mural anywhere in Ontario or check out the Wallcovering Installers Association to find someone in your area.

Removable wallpaper…really!

A stone wallpaper on Cityline installed by Adrienne of AboutMurals.ca

My wallpaper murals are removable!  So when the next set of Cityline designers are ready to create a new look, they can just pull the wallpaper off and start over.  The same goes for your home!

You can hang anything over these murals

Colin and Justin work around a stone wallpaper on Cityline, supplied by AboutMurals.ca

Once your wallpaper mural is hung, you can put nails through it to hang photos, art or mirrors.  Colin and Justin hung a door and shutters (or shitters as they like to say – haha) over this stone wallpaper on Cityline.

Check out the stones to scale

A photo of stone wallpaper on Cityline with rustic driftwood and a moody blue door

I know it can be hard to picture the scale of a design when shopping online.  A.k.a. how big are the stones in the wallpaper, really?

Now you can see the size of the stones in relation to a standard sized door and light fixtures to get an idea of scale.

It easily matches other accessories and decor

A veranda oasis, created by Colin and Justin, with stone wallpaper on Cityline by AboutMurals.ca

Other than the stone wallpaper on Cityline (I’m sort of biased), my fave part of the set is the rustic driftwood Colin and Justin added around the doors and their own line of throw pillows.  Their products are sold in stores like Homesense across Canada.

It’s eco-friendly wallpaper…breathe easy!

Adrienne of AboutMurals.ca, with designers Colin and Justin, with a stone wallpaper on Cityline in the background

All of my wallpaper murals are eco-friendly, so it won’t affect your air quality.

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More fun photos

Adrienne of AboutMurals.ca with Tracy Moore on Cityline

How much fun would it be going to see a TV show being taped without your girls?

I was lucky enough to spend the day with my sis, Jenn, and friend, Tabatha (a super talented realtor in Hamilton if anyone is looking!).

We got this fun shot with Tracy Moore (with my stone wallpaper on Cityline in the background).

Colin and Justin with Adrienne of AboutMurals.ca in front of her stone wallpaper on Cityline

And I got another pic with the boys…but out of my overalls and little dolled up this time (which rarely happens – haha).

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