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I am proud to promote my wall murals with Babies”R”Us, the largest baby product specialty store chain in the world!  They are amazingly dedicated to connecting young families with local businesses who can help ease the transition into parenthood.  We work together in two ways:

Exhibiting Wall Murals At Babies”R”Us Babyfest Sales

Muralist, Adrienne, stands behind a table exhibiting her wall murals inside a BabiesRUs store

Four times per year, Babies”R”Us holds their Babyfest Sale, offering great prices on everything families need for their babies.  During these sales, some stores invite outside vendors to exhibit their businesses so parents can find everything they need for their growing families – all in one place.  You’ll meet many vendors such as photographers, midwives, pediatric dentists and even…a muralist!

The great thing about chatting with these vendors is:

  • Approved Vendors: You’ll meet trusted outside-vendors (approved by each store) while you shop.  You can tell immediately if you like the business owner and their products or services.  It’s way better than finding someone online who you don’t know.
  • Professional Advice: You’ll discover professionals who are goldmines full of hints, tips, advice and ideas that you can utilize for your growing family.
  • Promos & Contests: You’ll be able to take advantage of amazing deals, contests and freebies that many of the vendors offer, saving you money on services you’ll need for your baby.

I’m always excited to exhibit at local Babies”R”Us stores.  Keep your eyes posted on my Facebook for the latest Babyfest dates and what stores I’ll be at.

Special Promotions In The Baby Registry Bags

A promotional postcard showing a panda wall mural in a baby's nursery. The panda holds a $25 BabiesRUs gift card.

When I was pregnant, I was so overwhelmed by what products I needed to have ready for my baby’s arrival, let alone deciding on what services from local businesses that I might need.  The Baby Registry Specialist gave me a wonderful list of “Must Have” products I needed and then went through product features with me so I could choose the best items for our family.

When my hubby and I were finished registering, I was given a huge “Thank You” bag of goodies called the Baby Registry Bag.  It was loaded with great product samples, trial packs and coupons.  I had so much fun going through the bag trying the products and reading about local businesses who could help us.

The registry gift bag is helpful for so many reasons:

  • Trusted Vendors: You can dig into your Baby Registry Bag to find trusted outside-vendors who are experts in their fields, instead of spending all your free time searching for unknown businesses online.
  • Product Samples: You can sample products from your Baby Registry Bag and see which items you like the best, before forking out your hard-earned money on products you’ve never tried.
  • Huge Savings: Once you’ve found the products and services you like, dig a little deeper into the Baby Registry Bag and look for coupons to save you even more money!  Many of the products and local businesses found inside offer great coupons, deals or promotions.

I’m so pleased to be a part of this wonderful program.  Keep your eyes peeled for special offers on my wall murals in registry bags from Babies”R”Us stores around the Hamilton, Burlington and Stoney Creek areas.

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