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Boys Bedroom Ideas #1: Hockey Bedroom

Donna called me one night.  She just moved to Stoney Creek (from Oakville) with her hubby and son, Nolin.

Nolin is 11.

He left his old bedroom behind.

His whole childhood home, in fact.

And all his friends.

And his school.

And his sports teams.

I remember moving when I was a kid.  I was 7.  I walked into my new house and was totally freaked right out.

I couldn’t figure out what that crrrreeeeekkkkk was in the middle of the night.

And I didn’t have my baby sister in the bunk bed below to save me…she had her own room now.

Next day, I started at my new school.  My heart was beating out of my chest as I walked into class.

Would the kids laugh at me?

Would anyone want to be my friend?

Anyway, I digress (as usual).

Hockey Bedroom Ideas

Donna and her hubby were starting renos on their new house.  They decided to decorate Nolin’s bedroom first, so he’d have a room to call his own and would feel at home in their new digs.

A cool spot to invite his new friends to play video games.

A space he’d want to hang out in with his dogs (and maybe do some homework?).

Nolin is a huge hockey fan.

Donna thought a hockey wall mural would be the perfect fit.

I headed over to give a free in-home consultation so I could see the walls, talk to Nolin and come up with a few ideas.

I thought a few of these wallpaper murals might be a good option.

They are super easy to put up (they hang in about 2 hours).

PLUS – you can actually take them down and re-use them if you end up moving – perfect to help kids transition into a new home (but keep the same feel in their new room).

A hockey wall mural with a player ready to take a shot at the goalie, while fans cheer their favourite team on.

A wall mural showing red, white and blue hockey jerseys hanging in a locker room, under ice skates, helmets and knee pads.

A wall mural with 6 kids playing ice hockey on a frozen pond. They are each wearing a favourite hockey jersey.

But none of them fit the bill.

I had a couple other ideas that might work.

The Montreal Canadiens hockey rink with their logo and the centre line

One idea was to paint a mural like an ice rink.  I’d add a glaze over top to make it look like frosty ice that had skate marks in it.

Donna had her heart set on something with more red, though.

A red Montreal Canadiens hockey jersey

Nolin really liked the idea of painting the wall mural like the pattern on his favourite jersey.

He showed me his idea.  It was perfect!

Time To Get To Work

An inside window without trim and a dirty wall are ready to be painted

Nolin’s whole bedroom needed to be painted first, before I painted the wall mural.

(Ya, I also do interior painting for my clients.  It can be a hassle finding a trust-worthy painter who does good work so I’m happy to help out).

Donna wanted white for the walls (and it would also be the white for the stripe in the mural).

Something not too cold-feeling.

She didn’t want it to look “institutional” but knew the mural would be pretty dark with the red and blue.

A beige wall with the letter "H" flipped horizontally, painted in white, ready to be turned into the Montreal Canadiens logo

We choose Benjamin Moore Ice Mist (OC-67) for the white walls and the mural stripe.

BTW, did you know that NHL teams have official latex paint colours so you have the EXACT team colours on your walls?


It’s by Glidden.

The Montreal Canadiens colours are Mont Red (NHL-016B) and Mont Dark Blue (NHL-016C).

Rough Sketch & Start To Paint

Once I finished painting the base coat, I got to work sketching the mural on the wall.

Muralist, Adrienne of AboutMurals.ca, paints a red wall and the letter "C" for the Montreal Canadiens wall mural

Now for the first coat of red paint.

Red is one of those {insert bleep here} colours.

Let’s just say coverage SUCKS!

TIP: Anytime I paint red, I allow myself enough time (and enough paint) to do about 4 coats…or more.

Unless I’m painting over a completely white background.  Then I might get lucky and only have to do 3 coats.

Yellow is like that too.

A ladder sits in front of a red, white and blue Montreal Canadiens wall mural

Anyhow, as I let ONE of the red coats dry, I start adding the blue.

Now I can go back and forth between the red and blue as each one dries.

Muralist, Adrienne, pulls painters tape off of a wall mural she painted showing a crisp blue line over white paint

Then…my favourite part…

I get to peel the painters tape off.

It’s just like crossing something off a to-do list.

Is there anyone else out there who gets a kick out of these things, or am I alone?

Muralist, Adrienne of AboutMurals.ca, stands next to her red, blue and white Montreal Canadiens mural

So Many Rooms…So Many Teams

I love this wall mural so much because it can shine in so many rooms.

It’s great for a boy’s room, obviously.

But these wall murals are so cool in a man cave, a basement bar, a restaurant or pub (for anyone out there with a small business), or a home office.

And let’s not forget the girl’s rooms out there too!

PLUS it can be painted in any sports team logo…and not just hockey.

The Finished Product

A hand-painted Montreal Canadiens wall mural in a boys bedroom, sits behind a bed with a blue hockey comforter.

Check out the finished wall mural…once all Nolin’s furniture was put back, his totally cool Habs ceiling light got put up and trim was added around the window and floor.

Let’s Keep In Touch

Does Nolin have any opposing hockey fans out there?  I’d love to hear what your fave hockey team is and any ideas you have for a wall mural.  Feel free to share in the comments below!

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