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Birthday Party Murals at the Pearl Hummingbird

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The birthday party murals I made for the Pearl Hummingbird make their indoor party rooms extra adorable (and keeps all the mess out of your home!).

Get the inside scoop on four designs in this indoor playground in Hamilton.

These birthday party murals are custom printed on wallpaper

Birthday party murals, including this camping themed one, are featured from the Pearl Hummingbird in Hamilton, ON.

The owner of The Pearl Hummingbird, Michelle, planned four themed party rooms for parents to choose from – Camping, Beach, Carnival and the Enchanted Garden.  Although I sell really cute wallpaper murals for kids, none of the in-stock designs fit her themes.

She found the exact images she wanted on iStock, so we went ahead and had them printed onto pre-pasted wallpaper.

See Pricing for Custom Wallpaper

They help you create unique, themed spaces

Birthday party murals from the Pearl Hummingbird are featured, including this camping mural

Whether you’re decorating kids birthday party rooms or a bedroom at home, creating a unique space for kids to have fun is essential.  A wallpaper mural is a quick and inexpensive way to add some adorable to the walls.

DIYers – you can hang these wallpaper murals quickly and easily!

Birthday party murals, including this Enchanted Garden design, are featured from The Pearl Hummingbird in Hamilton.

All of my wallpaper murals – whether they’re custom printed or in-stock on my website – are hung the same way: easily!

Here’s a How-To Hang video walking all you DIYers through the process.

Or hire someone to hang it for you (like me)!

Adrienne of AboutMurals.ca hangs birthday party murals at The Pearl Hummingbird in Hamilton, ON.

Michelle had her plate full trying to get her indoor playground open, so she had me hang these four birthday party murals for her (along with all the brick, stone and barn board wallpaper throughout).

I offer my installation services throughout Ontario.

If you’re elsewhere and not the DIY type, you can find someone on the Wallcovering Installers Association.

Celebrity designers and TV personalities trust me and my product!

A birthday party mural as seen from the hallway at The Pearl Hummingbird in Hamilton, Ontario

I’ve created and hung custom wallpaper murals (and in-stock wallpaper) on TV sets for celebrity designers and personalities like Colin and Justin, Brian Gluckstein, Tracy Moore and Mike Holmes.  Get the inside scoop!

The wallpaper murals arrive quickly

A carnival themed birthday party mural at The Pearl Hummingbird in Hamilton, ON.

All of my in-stock wallpaper murals usually arrive between 3-7 business days after you order from my website (sometimes even sooner) within North America.

Custom wallpaper obviously takes a little while longer as the image needs to be formatted, approved and put into the printing queue.  But generally, you can expect it to ship within 10 days of giving your approval.

They add a splash of colour as you walk by

The view of birthday party murals at The Pearl Hummingbird from the corridor

Whether you’re adding a wallpaper mural in your home’s playroom or in a kids party room, it’ll catch anyone’s eye as they walk past.

Kids are mesmerized with the characters and colours

Parents tell me all the time that they catch their kids talking to the characters in their wall mural, or petting the animals or even lining stuffies up under it.  They become a part of the family and birthday party murals are no different – kids have fun celebrating in these colourful, themed indoor party rooms!

Looking for birthday party murals – shop my website!

I sell adorable kids wallpaper murals that ship FREE within North America.  Here are a just a few designs:

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