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Sometimes a wall asks for a subtle something-something, like this shimmery gold wildflower mural I painted in Sonia’s Milton, Ontario home.

Keep scrolling for more photos and to see why we should work together if you’d like a hand-painted mural, too!

Wildflower Mural That’s Customized

A wildflower mural painted by Adrienne of AboutMurals.ca in a shimmery gold paint

One benefit of having a hand-painted mural created is that it can be customized to fit your room perfectly.  Sonia’s daughter, Risha, wanted something girly but simple.  Something that wasn’t massive because she loved all the other décor she had in her room, too.

I painted a wildflower mural that fit perfectly over her bed and was subtle enough to not take away from the rest of her room.

Consultations Make the Design

Muralist Adrienne Scanlan stands next to the wildflower mural she painted in Milton, Ontario

I wouldn’t have known what Risha wanted for her room (or the space available to paint a mural) if we didn’t have an in-home consultation.  This is where we chat design, colours and size.

Gimme a shout if you’d like to book your consultation!

Non-Toxic Paint That’s Safe for Kids

Adrienne of AboutMurals.ca painted these gold flowers on a pink wall in a girl's bedroom

Many of my clients only use eco-friendly products in their home to keep their kids safe and healthy.  That’s why I only use non-toxic acrylic paint and no-VOC latex paint for my murals.

Shimmery paint (whether gold, silver or coloured) is very sheer and goes on super transparent, so for Risha’s wildflower mural, I first painted the flowers in a dark mustard yellow using a non-toxic acrylic paint.  Then I painted over it with three coats of shimmery gold non-toxic acrylic paint.

Personalized Service

A shimmery wildflower mural in a pink bedroom, painted by Adrienne of AboutMurals.ca

I’ve hired contractors to work on my own home in the past, and would get frustrated that they’d come and go and leave my house in upheaval while they “fit” other clients in around me.

That’s why I only book one mural client per week into my schedule.  That leaves me plenty of time to pivot if we decide to add more into the original design or if it just takes a bit longer to finish than I originally thought.

As Seen on TV

Holmes Next Generation star Mike Holmes stands with Adrienne of AboutMurals.ca after she finished painting a mural for the television show

I’m the go-to-mural-girl for celebrity designers and TV personalities like Mike Holmes, Mike Holmes Jr., Sherry Holmes, Colin and Justin, Tracy Moore, Brian Gluckstein, Christian Dare and more!

I like to think it’s because I’m a super-detailed-perfectionist that always delivers a top notch mural.

I pride myself on offering this service to ALL my clients, not just on TV sets.

Or…Shop my Floral Wallpaper

I also sell beautiful flower murals that are printed on removable wallpaper that ship for FREE in Canada and the Contiguous USA.  Here are a few designs:

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Adrienne is the owner and founder of About Murals. Her work has been featured on Cityline, HGTV, The DIY Network, CTV Life and The Toronto Sun. She enjoys writing about trends in wallpaper murals and creating videos teaching DIYers how to hang wallpaper. You can reach her at adrienne@aboutmurals.ca.

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