• A Batman vs Superman mural painted by Adrienne of AboutMurals.ca

Batman vs Superman Mural

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I painted this Batman vs Superman mural in a Milton, Ontario bedroom that brothers, Jai and Devin, share.

Keep scrolling for photos of this mural and to learn why we should work together if you’d like a hand-painted mural, too!

A Consultation Turned Two Murals Into One

A Batman vs Superman mural hand-painted by Adrienne of AboutMurals.ca

I suggest all my clients book a consultation so they can share their vision for the mural, any constraints there might be in the room, colour and size.

After talking to my client, Sonia, I found out that Jai and Devin share a room and their two twin beds sit side-by-side against a wall.  Jai loves basketball and Devin is a superhero fan.

Because of our consultation, I was able to design two murals into one design that sits over each boy’s bed.

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The Batman vs Superman Mural got Personalized!

A personalized Batman vs Superman mural painted by AboutMurals.ca in Milton, Ontario

One advantage of a hand-painted mural is that it can be personalized with your kids’ names, favourite sayings or colours.

In this Batman vs Superman mural, I painted Jai and Devin’s names in their mural.

I only use durable, non-toxic paint

High energy kids can be tough on their rooms but are still vulnerable to toxic products.  That’s why I only use durable, no VOC latex paint for my murals.  It’s washable, so you don’t need to worry about sticky fingerprints, and it won’t affect their air quality.

Why hire me to paint your kids’ mural?

Mike Holmes and Adrienne Scanlan of AboutMurals.ca

I’ve been painting kids murals all over Ontario since 2005 and am the go-to-mural-girl for celebrity designers and TV personalities like Mike Holmes, Sherry Holmes, Mike Holmes Junior, Colin and Justin, Tracy Moore, Brian Gluckstein, Christian Dare, Leigh-Ann Allaire Perrault and more!

They know they can count on me to show up when I say I will and create the perfect wall for them on TV – and I pride myself on offering the same service for ALL of my clients.

Book A Consultation!

Curious how I paint these murals?

If you’re just exploring ideas and are not ready to book a consultation, but would love to know how I create my kids murals, you’ll love being a part of my newsletter community.

I’ll share all my inside secrets on how I craft these masterpieces like the type of paint I use, how I create my sketches and the stories behind the designs I put together so that you can decide if we’re a good fit to work together.

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