Bullfrog Insurance features About Murals in Ad Campaign

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Would you ever work with a contractor who isn’t insured?

Didn’t think so.

I’ve always been insured so my clients are protected in case I spill paint while creating my hand-painted murals or they trip over my tools while I’m hanging my wallpaper murals.

Thankfully I’ve never had to use it!

So you’d think a call (out of the blue) from Bullfrog Insurance would be worrisome

My insurance company, Bullfrog Insurance, called me one day.

My mind began to race…did I forget to pay my premiums?  Were they cancelling my insurance for some reason?  Why do our brains go to the worst case scenarios?

But Garry said they were featuring 4 small businesses (that are currently clients with them) in an ad campaign.

And they were wondering if I was interested.


The Billboard (Basically A Mural Of Me!)

A billboard from bullfrog insurance features a photo of Adrienne of AboutMurals.ca in front of a wall mural

They created 8 larger-than-life billboards around Hamilton, Ontario supported with a video interview and lots of posts on Facebook.

Doing the photoshoot for the billboard was so much fun.

The crew photographed me in front of my daughter’s Candy World mural. Here’s a pic of the full room:

A mural of a candy world including a cupcake carousel, chocolate stepping stones, bubble gum bridge over a chocolate river, an airplane pulling a sweetart banner, ice cream mountains and a gingerbread house

They were super patient to work with.  We got interrupted by the dog, my daughter…and my nerves too.

They definitely made me feel like a superstar and created an afternoon that I’ll never forget.  I even got a couple fun, behind the scenes pics!

A photographer snaps a photo of muralist, Adrienne of AboutMurals.ca, in front of the candy world wall mural she painted

A photographer snaps a photo of muralist, Adrienne of AboutMurals.ca, with her daughter in front of a candy inspired wall mural

The Video

Once the photoshoot was over, the Bullfrog Insurance crew interviewed me for the video.

They asked questions about my biz, how I got started painting wall murals and how I got into selling and hanging wallpaper murals.

Of course, they asked how it was to work with Bullfrog Insurance, too.

You’ll have to watch the video to hear what I say! ;)

What happened next?

I had so many people love Audrey’s Candy World mural, that I repainted it in watercolor and turned it into a wallpaper mural.

Now I can share the playroom she loves with anyone around the world!

Check it out:

A candy mural featuring a horse on a cupcake carousel, gingerbread house, flowing chocolate river, bubblegum bridge, ice cream mountains and a candy rainbow painted by AboutMurals.ca

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A big thank you!

I’m so grateful that Bullfrog Insurance is around…not only for this awesome opportunity to get the word out about my wall murals.  But also that there is an insurance company that chooses to work with and insure the little guys in business.

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