• Colin and Justin stand in front of a brick wallpaper with About Murals' owner Adrienne Scanlan

Brick Wallpaper used by Colin and Justin on Cityline

I’m excited to share some behind-the-scenes pics of my brick wallpaper on Cityline from Colin and Justin, so that you can see the cozy and warm space they created.

Watch the Cityline episode

If you didn’t catch this episode of Cityline, Colin and Justin talk about how realistic my brick wallpaper looks…and also that it’s removable, so “you’re not married to it.”

If you haven’t had a taste of their humour, just listen to how they’d get value for money with my brick mural (haha!):

Here’s the brick wallpaper on Cityline…with no repeat pattern

An old brick wallpaper, sold by AboutMurals.ca, in a warm orange colour

Here’s the brick wallpaper Colin and Justin used without any furniture in front of it.

Can you see that there’s no repeat pattern like you’d find with a standard wallpaper?


It’s because it’s actually a wallpaper MURAL.  A photographer takes a high resolution photo of an actual wall – making a design that looks totally realistic.

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A close up to see the texture they talked about

A close-up photo of an old brick wall mural sold by AboutMurals.ca

Did you hear Colin and Justin talking about the “textural relief” of my brick wallpaper on Cityline?

Wanna know why it’s so crystal clear?

The photographer takes 72 small, individual photos of each section of the brick wall and then stitches them together in Photoshop.  This creates a super high resolution image that’s perfect for large scale printing.

But it had to be customized

A scotch whisky label from istock used in a custom brick wallpaper by Colin and Justin

On top of the brick wallpaper, they needed to add a whisky label…so this was a custom wallpaper job (which I offer to all my customers).

The label is actually hidden behind the tapestry on the show.  But they used the whisky label for another project they were working on, as well.

As an approximate cost, a custom wallpaper is $5.50 per square foot – but there’s some intricacy to calculating it – so it’s best to gimme a shout for a proper quote.

The wallpaper sample

My designer created the custom look and put together the mock up.

Since TV works fast, the boys didn’t have time to wait for a wallpaper sample to arrive.

But you can buy a wallpaper sample from any standard design on my website right from the product (like in Old Brick Wallpaper, for example).

If you order a custom mural, samples are also available.

Hanging the brick wallpaper in a time crunch

Adrienne Scanlan peeks out over a roll of faux brick wallpaper

I always hang my wallpaper murals for Colin and Justin when we work together.  BUT my wallpaper murals are so easy to hang, most of my customers do it themselves.

I even made a how-to-hang-it video to help my DIYers out.

Of course, if you’re not into this type of project, there’s always help!  If you live in Southern Ontario, I offer installation services.

If you’re elsewhere, check out the Wallcovering Installers Association for someone in your area.

It’s removable wallpaper!

Colin and Justin with Adrienne's Old Brick Wallpaper

Yup…that’s me in the overalls with Colin and Justin.

The Cityline designers put so much work into these sets (and they always look fab), but the walls get dismantled as quickly as they’re created.

That’s why my wallpaper murals work so well for TV (and your home, too) – they’re totally removable.  So the next designers can come in, pull the panels off the wall and start fresh.

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So, what do Colin and Justin think of me?

A custom brick wallpaper sits behind Colin and Justin in an Instagram testimonial
An email testimonial for About Murals from Colin and Justin

And this sweet email they sent.  Awww!

Are you shopping for a brick wallpaper?

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