• Colin and Justin stand in front of a brick wallpaper with About Murals' owner Adrienne Scanlan

Brick Wallpaper used by Colin and Justin on Cityline

I’m excited to share some behind-the-scenes pics of my brick wallpaper from Colin and Justin’s Cityline TV episode so that you can see the cozy and warm space they created.

But first, I wanted to reveal the story of how we connected…and what Colin and Justin are really like.

The inside scoop on the boys

These Cityline designers are just as funny in person as on TV.

If you haven’t had a taste of their humour, just listen to how they’d get value for money with my brick mural in the Cityline episode (haha!):


But over and above their sense of humour, they are so, so gracious.

And OMG their work!  Everything was perfect, right down to the fragrant orange oil on the DIY bar…even for TV!  The audience must have been in heaven.

How we hooked up

I had a call one day from a guy with a Scottish accent.  He says, “Hiya!  My name’s Justin Ryan.  I work with my partner, Colin McAllister.  We sometimes create décor sets for Cityline.  Have you heard of us?”



He went on to explain they were creating a vignette for an upcoming Cityline episode and he needed a faux brick wallpaper.

The tricky part…tight TV deadlines

The catch was that they needed a whisky label printed on the brick wallpaper – and they needed it within a week.

TV moves fast!

Luckily, these guys are super organized and had a vision, which made it easy peasy to design and print their custom wallpaper.

Their vision

Here’s what they had in mind for the TV segment:

A custom brick wallpaper with a Scotch Whisky label over top

The guys knew they wanted a red brick wallpaper as the backdrop to create a warm, cozy feeling.

So I emailed them two options:  Not Just Another Brick on the Wall and Old Brick Wall, which was the winner.

Then, they went onto iStock.com and found this amazing black whisky label to put over the faux brick.

A scotch whisky label from istock used in a custom brick wallpaper by Colin and Justin

The stock image was perfect because, for them, “Whisky” should be spelled without an “e”…it’s a Scottish thing. 🙂

Oh ya…and it had to be good for two projects

They wanted to cover the whiskey label with a wall tapestry for the show, but use the wallpaper WITH the whisky logo for another project too.

So they asked that there was enough space to hang the boho tapestry over the whisky label and still look good.

Worked like a charm!

Hanging the brick wallpaper in a time crunch

Since they film several segments of a Cityline show in one day, set up time is very short…like 2 hours max!

I prepped the wallpaper before I left and I even had time to goof around with my camera and the wallpaper before my drive to Toronto.

Adrienne Scanlan peeks out over a roll of faux brick wallpaper

I finished hanging in just over an hour so there was still time for a few pics!

A custom brick wallpaper is the backdrop to a photo of Adrienne Scanlan with Colin and Justin

Remember I mentioned how gracious they are?

I’m totally serious.  They are so considerate that they gave me a shout out on their Instagram page.

A custom brick wallpaper sits behind Colin and Justin in an Instagram testimonial


And just look at the email they sent me!  I mean…aren’t they sweet?

An email testimonial for About Murals from Colin and Justin

Curious what they had to say about my faux brick wallpaper?

Check out the Cityline episode.

Are you shopping for brick wallpaper?

I know I’m biased, but if you’re curious to find out what makes my brick mural so ahhhmazing, here’s another blog post with real life pics of this wallpaper (the same one Colin and Justin used) and the reason mine is so NOT tacky.

Or…check out the prices and sizes of Old Brick Wallpaper.

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