• A photo of a baby nursery with a barn wood wall, crib and chair

Nursery Idea #1 – Reclaimed Wood Wall (just like The Bachelorette)

My hubby and I are about to start some renos at our house.  We moved into our old, Victorian home about 5 years ago and it needed a ton of work…especially structural…the boring stuff.


We didn’t really get into the fun part of decorating.  We just sort of slapped some paint on and called it a day.

Well, now we’re bored and ready to pretty the house up.

Paul and I have very different tastes (which is why we hired an interior designer to “referee” the design battle).

But the one thing we CAN agree on is that we want the design to be timeless.
We don’t want to be changing and updating every few years.

We have too much going on to put all that energy into another large scale project again.

A Nursery For Your Baby To Grow Into

A baby's nursery with a reclaimed wood wall behind a white crib and chair

I thought it would be cool to look for some nursery ideas with the same goal for my readers…timeless and something your baby can grow into.

Out of all the nursery ideas out there, the first one that really caught my eye was from JP Rosenbaum and Ashley Hebert (any Bachelorette fans out there?)

Family portrait of JP Rosenbaum and Ashley Hebert (of the Bachelorette) and their new baby Fordham. Photo taken by Christina Mendoza/Tutti Bambini Photography/E! News

I love, Love, LOVE the reclaimed wood wall in baby Fordham’s nursery (and the travel theme, too.  I’m always itching for a new place to visit).

The wood plank walls look so masculine and it’s really something Ford can grow into.

Decoist.com said in an article called Hot Interior Design Trends to Watch Out for in Summer 2015, “Whether it is accent walls in living rooms or bedrooms…reclaimed wood is currently hot property.”

The BIG Problem

I do see one BIG problem though.  Well two.  Actually, it’s three.

First is that a wall like that – in real reclaimed wood – costs thousands.  We just installed a reclaimed wood bar in our kitchen that costed us $350 and it was just a tiny piece.

The other part is that it’s pretty permanent.  It’ll be hard to take that reclaimed wood wall out later…and who knows what damage it will cause to the drywall.

I guess the other thing is that if you’re renting, a landlord might not let you hang wood like that.

Get The Look With None Of The Problems

BUT you can get that look with wall murals!

Ya, seriously!

A brown, horizontal barn wood wall mural is on the wall behind a couch, two chairs and a lamp

Here’s an example of a mural I carry that looks so much like Fordham’s nursery wall, it’s crazy.

This mural is from a high res photo of an old barn wood plank wall.  When I say high res, I mean 450 megapixels.

Whoa, eh?!

On the fence about removable wallpaper?

When asked “What are your 2015 Design Predictions?” Scot Meacham Wood (formerly of Ralph Lauren) said, “Wallpaper is still coming back strong – and I think the next year is going to provide even more options and expansions in the wallpaper market.”

It’s Removable…Sans Water!

A blue water drop with the words: "No Water Needed for Removal" of these wall murals

Plus it’s removable wallpaper…not like our parent’s wallpaper.

Do you remember the nightmare mom and dad went through using water and vinegar in a spray bottle, a scraper and days and days and DAYS taking that wallpaper off?

For this wallpaper mural, you literally pull from the bottom of the panel and peel it off the wall.  You don’t even need water!

It’s Reusable…Take It To Your New Digs If You Move

A blue moving box with the words: "It's Reusable...pack it up and take it with you"

Plus you can reuse the mural, so if you move, just pull it down, roll it up and then hang it again at your new digs!

I can’t even begin to tell you how much I love these wall murals, because I know every single client loves it.

There is no problem hanging it (it takes, like, 2 hours to hang) and the quality is out of this world.

Like It?

Check out prices and sizes of the Horizontal Barn Wall Mural!

Let’s Keep In Touch

What else would you add into the Rosenbaum’s neutral nursery (décor, accents, drapes, lighting)?  I’d love to hear your inspiration in the comments below!

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