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Looking for a nursery idea or two for your new baby but have no idea where to even start?  I scoured the internet looking for some ideas for you and found this celebrity baby nursery (swoon).

Like to save money and time?

But as usual, I’m putting my own spin on it to save you some time and money.

Scroll down to find out how!

How about a reclaimed wood wall like Fordham Rosenbaum’s nursery?

A nursery idea featuring wood wallpaper in Fordham Rosenbaum's baby nursery

Celebrity designer, Vanessa Antonelli, designed this very organic, natural looking baby nursery for parents Ashley Hebert and JP Rosenbaum – any Bachelorette fans out there? (P.S. the beautiful photo of the baby nursery was captured by Ricky Stern Photography and it was saved from @thenessalee on Instagram).

It features a gorgeous reclaimed wood wall that is to die for – how’s that for a nursery idea?

Apparently it’s still one of her most saved and pinned nursery ever.

The BIG Problem with this Nursery Idea

I do see one BIG problem though.  Well two.  Actually, it’s three.

  1. First is that a wall like that – in real reclaimed wood – costs thousands.
  2. The other part is that it’s pretty permanent.  It’s hard to take that reclaimed wood wall out later…and who knows what damage it will cause to the drywall.
  3. I guess the other thing is that if you’re renting, a landlord might not let you hang a wood wall like that.

Get The Look With None Of The Problems

BUT you can get that look with wood wallpaper.

Ya, seriously!

Here’s one that I sell that looks almost identical to the real thing!

My Horizontal Barn Wood Wallpaper is:

  • So crisp and clear you’ll have to touch it to believe it’s not real!
  • Totally removable so it’s easy to redecorate when your baby is ready for a new room.
  • Eco-friendly with no harsh odours or VOCs, so it’s safe to put up in your baby’s nursery.
  • Easy to hang, perfect for you DIYers!
  • Reasonably priced, especially compared to the real thing.

On the fence about removable wallpaper?

When asked “What are your 2015 Design Predictions?” Scot Meacham Wood (formerly of Ralph Lauren) said, “Wallpaper is still coming back strong – and I think the next year is going to provide even more options and expansions in the wallpaper market.”

Don’t believe me?  Grab wallpaper samples!

Don’t believe it looks like the real thing?  Need to see it up close?  You can always order a wallpaper sample.

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