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Birch Wallpaper | Customer Photos of Green Birch Tree Wallpaper

What’s the difference between birch wallpaper and a birch mural?  And really, does it matter?

I’ll explain below, but I thought it would be cool if you could see my birch wallpaper (which is actually a mural) in action…in real customer’s homes…so you can see if it’s the right design for you (scroll down to see them all <3).

That’s why I spend hours every month asking my customers to snap a pic or two and writing these blog posts for you.

The difference between birch wallpaper and a mural

Technically they’re both printed on wallpaper.

But the difference is a pattern repeat.

Some wallpapers have the same birch tree printed over and over again, so you can see a pattern on the wall.  And that’s cool if that’s the look you’re after.

BUT if you want your birch wallpaper to look like a real forest and don’t want to see those pesky patterns, you actually want a birch mural.

Wanna see it up close and personal?  Grab a wallpaper sample!

Not sure if the green in this birch wallpaper will match your décor?  Want to feel the paper so you can see the quality?

Birch wallpaper samples are available from AboutMurals.ca

Here’s the BORING stock image of my birch wallpaper

Birch wallpaper in green from AboutMurals.ca

Sorry for the boring stock image…but all of my customer’s photos are below so you can get really inspired.

What you CAN see is that the forest never “repeats” a pattern – it truly looks like a forest.

Birch Tree Forest Wallpaper comes in a few different sizes and prices, and you can even order a sample from the product page if you need one.

Ready for some inspo?  Here are my customer’s pics of their birch wallpaper!

Birch wallpaper in a bedroom

Birch wallpaper in green pattern in a bedroom with a bed and wooden tables from AboutMurals.caA green birch tree wallpaper in a bedroom from AboutMurals.ca

Christin moved from Colorado to Texas and wanted to bring a piece of home with her.

Do you think the green birch tree wallpaper and the wooden night tables made a natural feeling bedroom?

The great news?

It doesn’t have to just “feel” natural…all my wallpaper murals are eco-friendly, so you can breathe easy when you go to sleep at night!

Birch wallpaper in a boy’s bedroom

A birch wallpaper in green in a boy's bedroom, found behind a dresser and a desk, from AboutMurals.ca

This pic comes all the way from Australia!

Johanna hung Birch Tree Forest wallpaper in her son’s room (it’s so easy to do – check out my video!).

Think he’s got a peaceful room to do his homework in now?

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