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Birch Tree Wallpaper | Customer Photos of Black & White Pattern

Thinking of adding a birch tree wallpaper to your space?  I spend hours each month curating photos of my customer’s wallpaper murals – including this classic black and white design – so you can get your full dose of inspo.

Keep scrolling for all the photos of this removable wallpaper (nursery, bedroom and business walls galore!) and to learn why my wallpaper murals are the perfect choice for your walls.

No Repeat Pattern Makes the Birch Tree Wallpaper Look Real

Birch tree wallpaper in black and white sold by AboutMurals.ca

Since this is actually a high-resolution photograph of a real forest (that’s printed onto removable wallpaper), you’ll never see a repeat pattern like in other wallpaper. You know…when you see the same tree branch over and over again?  Your eyes are always looking for patterns, so they pick these repeat patterns out on the wall easily.

Since my birch wallpaper is a mural, it’ll look like a genuine forest that you can walk into, creating a feeling of depth, space and realism.

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The Easy Hang Wallpaper for DIYers

A birch tree wallpaper installed at Jamieson Laboratories by AboutMurals.ca

My wall murals are really easy to hang!  The wallpaper is prepasted, so you don’t need to buy any paste or special tools (and you won’t have to fight the mess that comes with unpasted wallpaper).  The seams simply overlap each other, so you don’t need to double cut them (just Google that scary process – eek!).

I even took the time to make you DIYers a How-To Hang video to walk you through the process step-by-step.

Or Hire Local Wallpaper Hangers (Like Jamieson Vitamins)

If you have the budget, you’re not the DIY type or simply don’t have time, you can always hire a wallpaper hanger.

I offer installation services in the greater Hamilton / Toronto areas and have worked with clients like Jamieson Vitamins (as shown above in their peaceful office reception area), The Pearl Hummingbird and many experts at Cityline like Colin and Justin, Brian Gluckstein, Tracy Moore and Christian Dare.  Yes, that’s me in the pink overalls!

If you’re outside of Ontario, you can always check the Wallcovering Installers Association for a qualified hanger.

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Grade ‘A’ Fire Rated in Flammability Tests

A black and white birch tree wallpaper in an office reception area by AboutMurals.ca

Every wallpaper mural I sell is Grade A Fire Rated, so they’re perfect for commercial spaces like office reception areas, hospitals, clinics and condominium buildings.

This was a necessity to Jamieson Vitamins in their Toronto skyscraper.

Beautiful as a Nursery Wallpaper

This forest mural is truly a design that goes in any room – from commercial reception areas to a baby’s nursery.  I think it’s because it creates a calming atmosphere and the black and white matches any colour.

And it’s a Removable Wallpaper!

A birch tree wallpaper from AboutMurals.ca is the backdrop to this baby's crib in a nursery

Since all my wallpaper murals are removable, you don’t have to worry about redecorating your baby’s nursery when they get a little older (even though this birch tree wallpaper could carry her through to adulthood).  Simply pull each wallpaper panel off from the bottom up – you’ll have a fresh wall to decorate in minutes.

I made you a How To Remove video showing exactly how to do it!

Non Toxic Wallpaper That Won’t Affect Air Quality

A black and white birch tree wallpaper (from AboutMurals.ca) creates a natural looking baby nursery along with its yellow walls and natural wood crib.

My wallpaper murals are totally non-toxic, so it won’t affect the air quality in your home or business.  There are no dangerous VOCs in the printer toner, the paper is vinyl-free and even the paste on the back is water based and odourless.  Plus the paper is 100% recyclable when you’re ready for a new look (or gift it to a friend or charity because it’s also reusable).

It Comes in Different Colours and Patterns

Shop all the different colours, designs and sizes on my website – so many to choose from!

The Perfect Social Media Backdrop for Businesses

A birch tree wallpaper in black and white (from AboutMurals.ca) is the backdrop for a newspaper photo of staff from White Birch Wellness.

If you are a business owner looking to stand out from the competition, using one of my mural wallpapers is a great idea.  Merissa, the owner of The White Birch Massage Therapy & Wellness clinic in Niagara Falls, used the birch tree wallpaper in her yoga and massage rooms.  She and her staff use the tree mural as a backdrop to their social media posts and whenever they are featured in the news.

You can even add your logo over any one of my in-stock designs to create a custom wallpaper.

It’s Durable and High Quality

A birch tree wallpaper (from AboutMurals.ca) peeks out from behind barn doors in a yoga studio

Whether it’s in your yoga studio (pictured above), an office reception area or in a kids playroom, you need a wallpaper that’s durable.  All of my designs are printed with a dry ink, rather than a liquid ink, which is more durable and prevents fading.  The wallpaper is made from high quality, sustainable wood pulp blended with polyester fibres which increases the strength of the paper.

Supporting the North American Economy

A birch tree wallpaper in black and white (from AboutMurals.ca) separates a living room from a kitchen.

If you’re a Canadian or American, you can feel awesome knowing you’re supporting your economy when you shop from me.  The wallpaper substrate is manufactured in the USA and the murals are printed and sold in Canada.  Most designs are created by local artists and photographers who are paid a royalty on every mural sold.

It Makes a Room Feel BIGGER

I think there is a misconception that a mural in a small space makes a room feel cramped, but I think (especially with a forest wallpaper), it adds depth because it feels like you can just walk right into it.  It creates a lot of depth.

Tonja made a light and airy bedroom with lots of white and hints of black.

Reusable!  Pull it Down…Take it With You!

A black and white birch tree wallpaper (from AboutMurals.ca) creates a neutral feature wall in a bedroom, ready for the white bed and hints of colour throughout the room.

Yes, I said it!  Just pull it off the wall and take it with you if you move.  Or gift it to a friend if you’re ready for a new look.  OR donate it to a charity.  Let’s keep our landfills clear.

Wipe It Down to Keep It Clean

Have you thought about food splatters on wallpaper that’s in a dining room?  All my mural wallpapers are wipeable with a damp cloth!

Use It In High Humidity Rooms – It’s Mildew Resistant!

A birch tree wallpaper in black and white is the background to AboutMurals.ca owner Adrienne and her daughter Audrey doing a yoga pose in a yoga studio

Whether you’re decorating a bathroom with lots of steam or a yoga studio with lots of warm breath being exhaled, you can relax knowing the birch tree wallpaper (and all my prepasted wallpaper) are fine to use in high humidity rooms.  That’s because the paper absorbs and releases moisture, making it resistant to mildew and bacteria.

Buy a Wallpaper Sample

Get a wallpaper sample of this black and white birch tree wallpaper from AboutMurals.ca

Seeing my customer’s photos on the screen is one thing.  But maybe you’re the type who needs to see it in person?

You can buy a wallpaper sample of Birch Tree Wallpaper (Black and White) so you can see if the colours match your décor and to feel the quality of the paper.

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Holmes Next Generation star Mike Holmes stands with Adrienne of AboutMurals.ca after she finished painting a mural for the television show

Love the pattern but feeling a little leary about shopping online?  I get it!  Here’s why you can feel comfortable shopping from me:

  • I’m the trusted mural expert by celebrity designers and TV personalities such as Mike Holmes, Colin and Justin, Brian Gluckstein and Christian Dare.  My work has been featured on Cityline, the DIY Network, CHCH Morning Live and in the Toronto Sun.
  • My website is SSL secured!  See that little padlock with the word “Secure” where my URL is?  You can only get that if you’ve become SSL secure!
  • I’m listed with the Better Business Bureau
  • All of my payment options are secure and you can pay your favourite way – PayPal or secure Credit Card
  • Don’t take my word for it!  Check out my Google Reviews and Facebook Reviews.
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