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Birch Tree Wallpaper | Customer Photos of Black & White Pattern

Thinking of adding birch tree wallpaper to your space, but worried the trend is over?

My customers certainly don’t think so since this black and white birch tree wallpaper is one of my most popular patterns (maybe it’s a trend-turned-classic?).

So how do you know if birch tree wallpaper is for you?

Wanna see it in action…in real people’s homes…and not those boring stock photos?

I spend hours every month asking for photos of my wall murals from my customers so that you can make a better informed decision whether it’s for you or not.

Scroll down for a ton of birch tree inspo!

Still not convinced?  Grab wallpaper samples!

Seeing my customer’s photos on the screen is one thing.  But maybe you’re the type who needs to see it in person?

Get a wallpaper sample of this black and white birch tree wallpaper from AboutMurals.ca

You can buy a wallpaper sample of Birch Tree Forest (Black and White) so you can see if the colours match your décor and to feel the quality of the paper.


Here are the real life pics of my birch tree wallpaper in action

Here’s a closeup of the (boring…sorry) Birch Tree Forest B&W wallpaper, but scroll on to see how my customers used it to make really cool spaces.

Birch tree wallpaper in black and white sold by AboutMurals.ca

Spa wallpaper

A birch tree wallpaper in black and white is the background to AboutMurals.ca owner Adrienne and her daughter Audrey doing a yoga pose in a yoga studio

Merissa from White Birch Massage ordered my birch tree wallpaper and had me hang it in her yoga room while they were renovating (yup – that’s me with my daughter, Audrey!).

A birch tree wallpaper in black and white (from AboutMurals.ca) is the backdrop for a newspaper photo of staff from White Birch Wellness.

Merissa and her staff were even featured in the local newspaper with the birch tree forest wallpaper in the background.  So cool!

For my DIYers, it’s super easy to hang, but I do offer hanging services too!

A birch tree wallpaper (from AboutMurals.ca) peeks out from behind barn doors in a yoga studio

Here’s a peek of it from the hallway – what do you think of it mixed with the barn door?

Living Room Wallpaper

A birch tree wallpaper in black and white (from AboutMurals.ca) separates a living room from a kitchen.

Lisa had a wall separating her living room from kitchen and was looking for a dramatic way to do it.

The great thing about my wallpaper is that it’s washable, so any food or drink spills that might happen around the kitchen can just be wiped away with a damp cloth.

Do you think the black and white birch wallpaper did the trick?  And do you like the birds she added?

Birch Wallpaper in a Bedroom

Tonja wanted to make a light and airy bedroom with lots of white and hints of black.

I think there is sometimes a misconception that a mural in a small space will make it feel cramped, but I think (especially with a forest wallpaper), it adds depth because it feels like you can just walk right into it.

What do you think – does the black and white birch wallpaper make the space feel cramped or deep?

Birch Wallpaper in a Nursery

A black and white birch tree wallpaper (from AboutMurals.ca) creates a natural looking baby nursery along with its yellow walls and natural wood crib.

Beth added the black and white birch tree wallpaper in her baby’s nursery.

An article on AskDrSears.com says that “The best way you as a parent can stimulate baby’s vision is using black and white…contrasting colors.”  Just imagine the effect Beth’s baby is getting when she sits in the nursery or her baby is in the crib.  Wow!

Oh…and although this design is classic, if she wants to change the nursery décor later, the wallpaper is totally removable!

Birch Tree Wallpaper in Another Bedroom

A black and white birch tree wallpaper (from AboutMurals.ca) creates a neutral feature wall in a bedroom, ready for the white bed and hints of colour throughout the room.

Here’s another bedroom featuring the birch forest wallpaper, only this time it includes a bit of colour (a throw cushion, bedskirt and candle holder).  That’s the beauty of this design – the black and white allows you to pull in some colour.

Would you keep the white bedspread or change it to a coloured one?

Birch Tree Wallpaper Dining Room

Have you thought about food splatters on wallpaper that’s in a dining room?  All my wallpaper murals are washable, so any food splatters (or better yet wine splatters) can be wiped off with a damp cloth!

So what do you think of this black and white dining room?

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