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Do you love the look of this stair riser wallpaper but not sure if it’s really for you?

I’ve spent hours getting in touch with customers who’ve used my Path of Light wallpaper on their stair risers so that you can see photos of it in real life…and read honest feedback from them about the project.

And keep on scrolling down if you have questions like:

  • Are the colours right for my space?
  • Is it durable enough for my stairs?
  • Is this look really on trend?

Stair Riser Wallpaper

It’s difficult to see the pattern of this stair riser wallpaper once it’s been all cut up, so here’s Path of Light Wall Mural in full panels.

Keep scrolling down for all the exciting photos of it in action in customer’s homes!

Viewed 952,576 Times on Pinterest!

A stair riser wallpaper with an autumn forest theme, sold by AboutMurals.ca

Here’s a pin of my Path of Light stair riser wallpaper that’s been viewed over 952,576 times on Pinterest (see my Pinterest account below!)…it’s totally on trend!

The autumn forest wallpaper is mostly orange – don’t you think it pops out against the blue walls?

A screenshot of the Pinterest Analytics of a stair riser wallpaper from AboutMurals.ca

How to Install Stair Wallpaper

A stair riser wallpaper in a forest theme with dark stair treads, sold by AboutMurals.ca

Since every stair riser has a different width and height, this wallpaper comes in one size (4’6″W x 8’0″H) that you cut to custom fit your stairs.  It comes in three 18″ panels, so it’s really easy to handle.

Most of my customers have installed it the same way:

  1. They pre-measure and cut the wallpaper to fit each riser, starting from the top step and moving down.
  2. They watch my how-to video, explaining how you would hang wallpaper on walls, but use the same process for their stairs (prepping the risers, dipping the wallpaper into warm water and applying it right to the riser).

I did have one customer who bought wooden planks, cut the wallpaper and installed it onto the planks, and then glued that to the risers.  She did this because the original stair risers weren’t in good condition.

Shop all Autumn Forest Wallpaper

And It’s Removable!

A stair riser wallpaper with a Fall forest theme, sold by AboutMurals.ca

Although this stair riser wallpaper is super durable (aka it won’t peel off or rip), it is removable.  I made a how-to video explaining how my wallpaper is removed, and the same process can be used for your stairs.

Don’t believe me that a removable wallpaper can be durable on stairs?  Keep scrolling down to read what my customers have to say!

Samples Available

Path of Light Forest Wallpaper Sample from About Murals

This autumn forest wallpaper is created from an original painting and the colours are amazing!

Order a wallpaper sample to see all the orange and blue colours up close.

Is it durable enough for my stairs?  Ask my customers!

My customers can speak to this better than I ever could.  Here are some snapshots of emails from my customers talking about how durable Path of Light has been for them.

A screenshot of an email talking about the durability of wallpaper for stairs by AboutMurals.ca

The first is from Debra who installed her stair riser wallpaper in March 2017 (a year ago as of this blog post).

The screenshot says: “Hi, nice to hear from you Adrienne. You will be pleased to know that 1 yr on from hanging it ( I used MDF then attached that to stair risers) it is in great condition, really durable! If you would like me to supply some more photos I’d be happy to do that.  Best wishes.  Debra.”

A screenshot of an email talking about the durability of stair riser wallpaper from About Murals

And this email is from Penny who installed the stair riser wallpaper in September 2016 (a year and a half before this blog post).

The screenshot says: “Hello Adrienne, The stairs look exactly the way they did when I applied the wallpaper. This is our main set of stairs that is used many times each day so I would say that it holds up really well!  Kind regards, Penny.”

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