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Customer Photos: Path of Light Wallpaper for Stairs

Do you love the look of this stair riser wallpaper but not sure if it’s really for you?

Maybe you can’t tell if the colours are right for your space?  Or you’re not quite sure how to get the wallpaper onto those stairs?  Maybe you’re worried about its durability?

I’ve spent hours getting in touch with customers who’ve used my Path of Light wallpaper on their stair risers so that you can see photos of it in real life…and read honest feedback from them about the project.

But first, I’d like to answer some of the questions that you might have about it.

Is stair riser wallpaper really on trend?  48,933 people think so!

A screenshot of the Pinterest Analytics of a stair riser wallpaper from AboutMurals.ca

I can confidently say that stair riser wallpaper…and my Path of Light wallpaper, in particular…is definitely on trend.

Just ask the 48,933 people who have engaged with it on Pinterest (so far).

I’m totally serious.

I pinned a customer photo back in October 2015 and the pin has been engaged with 48,933 times!  On top of that, it’s appeared 952,576 times.

Yes – 952,576 times!


I didn’t spend any money on advertising it, either.  That’s just good old natural, organic love of something beautiful.

Are the colours right for my space?  Order a sample!

This autumn forest wallpaper is created from an original painting and the colours are amazing!

But I know it can be hard to tell from your screen.

If this is an issue for you, you can always order wallpaper samples right from the product page of Path of Light wallpaper.


Is it durable enough for my stairs?  Ask my customers!

My customers can speak to this better than I ever could.  Here are some snapshots of emails from my customers talking about how durable Path of Light has been for them.

A screenshot of an email talking about the durability of wallpaper for stairs by AboutMurals.ca

The first is from Debra who installed her stair riser wallpaper in March 2017 (a year ago as of this blog post).

The screenshot says: “Hi, nice to hear from you Adrienne. You will be pleased to know that 1 yr on from hanging it ( I used MDF then attached that to stair risers) it is in great condition, really durable! If you would like me to supply some more photos I’d be happy to do that.  Best wishes.  Debra.”

A screenshot of an email talking about the durability of stair riser wallpaper from About Murals

And this email is from Penny who installed the stair riser wallpaper in September 2016 (a year and a half before this blog post).

The screenshot says: “Hello Adrienne, The stairs look exactly the way they did when I applied the wallpaper. This is our main set of stairs that is used many times each day so I would say that it holds up really well!  Kind regards, Penny.”

Now for some customer photo inspo

I add more photos all the time, so check back often for more…but here are a few customer photos of Path of Light wallpaper hung on their stair risers.

The popular Pinterest Pin

Stair riser wallpaper of an autumn forest

So here’s that pin that’s been viewed over 952,576 times on Pinterest.

The autumn forest wallpaper is mostly orange – don’t you think it pops out against the blue walls?

You can almost see the brush strokes in the painting (you can order a sample if you want to see it up close!)

Forest wallpaper on English stairs

Wallpaper for stairs with an orange forest theme

In February 2017, I had this email come in: “Hi i live in the Uk and your stair riser murals are exactly what ive been looking for but cant find any in the uk. Would you be able to ship to me?”

Back then, the answer was technically no.  I couldn’t process international orders (that changed with the launch of my new website in 2018 – yay!).

But that didn’t stop Debra from getting exactly what her heart desired.

We just processed the forest wallpaper manually on PayPal and she created this beautiful set of stairs!

Dark stair treads against this wallpaper for stairs

A stair riser mural of an autumn forest by About Murals

Both stair treads above are light or medium coloured wood, but Penny’s treads are dark mahogany wood.

Do you like it?

I think the mahogany pulls out the dark tree trunks in the mural – and it makes a really dramatic staircase, especially against a light wall.

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