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Here is our essential, shoppable list of wallpaper tools as seen in our tutorials. All of these wallpaper application tools are tried and tested by our professional wallpaper installer, Adrienne, so you know they work!

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Wallpaper Ladder

Shop our wallpaper tools, including this wallpaper ladder that adjusts into 6 working forms including a step stool, A frame ladder, extended ladder, ladder for scaffolding and ladder for wallpapering stairs from About Murals.

This is more wallpaper equipment than a wallpaper hanging tool, but a ladder is still essential when hanging your wallcovering and we LOVE this one!

“It’s so sturdy, I never feel like I’m going to fall off. Plus it folds up and fits into the back of my SUV,” says wallpaper installer, Adrienne.

It adjusts to go up stairs if you’re wallpapering a staircase wall. Use it as a step stool for small rooms or extend it straight for high ceilings.

Wallpaper Cutters

Shop this wallpaper knife from About Murals.

Always trim excess wallpaper when it’s on the wall using a wallpaper knife.

“I prefer using a utility knife with a 9mm blade. It’s thinner, so you get better results when cutting into corners or double cutting seams,” explains owner, Adrienne.

This wallpaper cutting tool even comes with a blade snapper, so you always get crisp cuts with no snagging, ripping or tearing of your wallpaper.

Shop wallpaper tools, like these decorators scissors, from About Murals.

For a clean and precise cut on your table (even thick paper or vinyl), these decorators scissors are great!

Made from stainless steel, water and paste won’t rust the blade. The plastic handle keeps hands (righty OR lefty) comfy all day.

And they pull double duty – use for fabrics and upholstery, too!

Wallpaper Smoothers

Shop wallpaper tools, like this foam smoother, from About Murals.

For prepasted wallpaper (like the wallpaper murals we sell) or delicate wallcoverings, we strongly recommend a foam smoother.

This type of wallpaper smoother gently removes bubbles without scraping paste out from underneath prepasted wallpaper (resulting in seams that pull off the wall or wallpaper panels that completely fall off).

It can be hard to find this wallpaper smoothing tool and they’re often out of stock. You can use an alternative – a sponge – if you can’t find it (see below).

Shop this wallpaper sponge from About Murals.

If you can’t find a foam smoother, a wallpaper sponge is a great alternative! It gently smooths bubbles and air pockets from prepasted wallpaper.

This is another one of those wallpaper tools that offers a big bang for your buck!

Use it to wash walls before you install, since wallpaper doesn’t stick to dust, grease or food splatters.

You can also use it as a wallpaper removal tool, soaking old wallcovering with water and vinegar before pulling it off.

Shop wallpaper tools, like this plastic wallpaper smoother, from About Murals

For peel and stick wallpaper or unpasted wallpaper (like paste-the-wall or paste-the-paper), this plastic wallpaper smoother works best! It smooths even the most stubborn bubbles out like butter.

“I use this wallpaper smoother to press the panels into baseboards and ceilings really tight, and it’s the perfect thickness to leave an overlap when rounding into corners,” says wallpaper hanger, Adrienne.

The rounded corners won’t tear or rip wallpaper, like some pointy corner wallpaper tools.

You can even use it to smooth contact paper on shelves or furniture, or for window film.

Wallpaper Paste

Shop wallpaper tools, like this wallpaper adhesive, from About Murals.

Although the wallpaper murals we sell are pre-pasted (meaning the glue is already on the back of the paper), there are times when you need a little extra wallpaper adhesive. For example, if you’re wallpapering over a door that is touched often or on a ceiling, apply a thin layer to your surface first.

You also need adhesive if you bought paste-the-wall or paste-the-paper wallpaper elsewhere.

Roman brand paste is our favourite! Our go-to is Roman Pro-880 All Purpose or Eco-888, but we’ve also used their Pro-838 for heavy duty wallcovering and their Universal Wheat paste for specialty installations.

Shop wallpaper tools, like this wallpaper repair glue, from About Murals

For wallpaper seam repairs, lifting corners or to use while double cutting, we prefer Roman brand wallpaper repair glue.

“You can either apply it to the seams directly from the nozzle, or use a small craft paint brush to get into tighter repair areas,” says owner, Adrienne.

This wallpaper repair adhesive costs less than a big tub of paste and goes on more smoothly, so you don’t get lumpy seams.

Wallpaper Tools as seen in YouTube Tutorials

To learn how to hang all types of wallpaper using these wallpaper tools, remember to Subscribe to our YouTube Channel! Or read our blog to learn how to apply our prepasted wallpaper murals.

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