Market Place Wall Mural

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This durable, removable, kids wallpaper easily changes the feel of your room in a couple hours.

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Market Place Wall Mural is a delicious way to teach kids about healthy food.  This kids wallpaper features a farmer at a market stall.  After you set up your kids grocery store in their playroom, they’ll be eye to eye with a girl who sells lemonade and all the colourful fruit and vegetables from the farm.  They’ll almost smell the fragrant flowers, ripe apples and berries as they pretend play grocery store.

It’ll look like a real painting on your wall because this original watercolor painting of a marketplace booth is scanned with a super high resolution scanner and then printed onto removable wallpaper.  You’ll see all the paint brush strokes, dribbles of paint and even the texture of the paper.

Market Place Wall Mural is:

  • Easy to hang.  You just need a couple hours to hang this kids room wallpaper.  NO messing around with wallpaper glue, double cutting seams or “booking” the wallpaper.
  • Removable.  No damaged walls.  No gels or scary tools needed.  Just pull off.
  • Super high quality with crystal clear images and thick, durable paper.  No ripping while hanging and you’ll have to touch it to believe it’s not real.
  • Reusable.  Think you might move?  Pull it off and take it with you!
  • Washable.  Finger prints?  Food?  No probs.  Just wipe and it’ll look brand new.
  • Eco-Friendly so it’s safe to use in any room, because there are no VOCs or dangerous chemicals in the toner.  This fruit and vegetable wallpaper is fully recyclable when you’re ready for a new design.

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  1. How Do You Hang This Wallpaper?
  2. How Do You Hang Around Plugs, Doors, Corners, etc.?
  3. Do You Offer Installation Services?
  4. How Do Sizes Work?
  5. I Don’t See My Size. What Do I Do?
  6. Is This Wallpaper Removable?
  7. Is This Wallpaper Eco-Friendly?
  8. How Much is Shipping?
  9. How Long Will It Take to Receive My Order?
  10. What Is The Return Policy?
  11. Is This Wallpaper Washable?
  12. Is This Wallpaper Fire Rated?
  13. What Is The Finish of This Wallpaper?

How Do You Hang This Wallpaper?

This easy to hang wallpaper goes up in just a couple of hours. Watch video tutorial now >>

How Do You Hang Around Plugs, Doors, Corners, etc.?

View the DIY Videos section of the website. Read More >>

Do You Offer Installation Services?

Yes, I install wallpaper in the Greater Hamilton / Toronto areas of Ontario. For those outside of this area, check out the Wallcovering Installers Association to find a pro. Book Your Installation >>

How Do Sizes Work?

Simply choose the size that most closely matches your wall size. Read more >>

I Don’t See My Size. What Do I Do?

You can trim the wallpaper to fit the wall or center it on the wall. Alternately, most wallpaper can be ordered in a custom size. Read more >>

Is This Wallpaper Removable?

Yes, this wallpaper is removable. Watch video tutorial now >>

Is This Wallpaper Eco-Friendly?

Yes, this wallpaper is eco-friendly and non-toxic.

How Much Is Shipping

Shipping is free in Canada and the Contiguous United States. Read more >>

How Long Will It Take To Receive My Order?

Most orders usually arrive within 2-6 business days, depending on where you’re located. Read more >>

What Is The Return Policy?

You can return your wallpaper for a full refund. Read the full Return Policy >>

Is This Wallpaper Washable?

Yes, you can wipe this wallpaper down with a damp cloth.

Is This Wallpaper Fire Rated?

Yes, this wallpaper is Grade A Fire Rated.

What Is The Finish of This Wallpaper?

This wallpaper has a smooth, matte finish with no feeling of texture.

1 review for Market Place Wall Mural

  1. Kelly De Luca

    This mural was super easy to hang! It’s bright colours really added to our pretend grocery store set up. Everywhere you look in this mural has something interesting going on.

    • Adrienne Scanlan

      Market Place wall mural looks fantastic in your pretend grocery store, Kelly! Thanks for the photo!

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