Martha Stewart with her custom wallpaper…you can have it too!

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Martha Stewart and designer Karl Lohnes stand in front of a custom wall mural of the New York skyline

“Decorating expert, Karl Lohnes, styled my greenroom for me. He did a great job of recreated our NYC offices in the Better Living Center. I was so impressed!” Martha Stewart said of her custom wallpaper mural by my supplier, MuralUnique.

Martha Stewart's greenroom with a custom mural of the New York skyline

“He even included a wall of windows with the same view of what we see looking east” Martha Stewart said of her custom wallpaper.

She was visiting the Delicious Food Show in Toronto.  Check out her full blog post here.

You Can Have A Custom Mural Too!

I work directly with MuralUnique to create any custom wallpaper your heart desires. (Swoon!)

This is the same supplier used for Martha’s mural.

What D’ya Think?

Martha was impressed by her New York wallpaper.  But what custom wallpaper would you get?

Another travel-inspired city scape?

A photo of your family?

Art that you created?

I’d love to hear your ideas for a custom wallpaper mural in the comments below!

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